We Explore the Igneada and Longoz Forests

Last weekend, we were in Iğneada and Longoz Forests, which we have been pondering for quite a while and need to go to.

We set off from Istanbul on Friday night. The street required precisely 4 hours, yet we have companions who say that it went in 3 hours. We compliment them here. We shouldn’t be a traffic beast. After forgetting about Istanbul on the way, you experience wonderful street sees; Fields of sunflowers, storks flying over the yields, groups of creatures nibbling on the fields.

We woke up at the camping area for the primary night since we were so worn out and restless. Notwithstanding, we needed to have our morning meal under the trees, which have a brilliant vital area between Mert Lake and the ocean, and which nobody has yet found on Saturday mornings. From that point onward, we proceeded with our camp here. Since Mert Lake is exceptionally near the middle as far as its area, your food and drink supply will be entirely agreeable. You can arrive at it quickly via vehicle and 10 minutes by walking.

Whenever we explored before we left, we discovered that there were 3 exercises in Iğneada and Longoz Forests; kayak visit, ATV visit, and journeying…

We burned through 3 brave hours in Mert Lake after getting a charge out of breakfast and Turkish espresso (not without espresso) on Saturday since it is the kayak visit that we need to do and ponder the most. You know, in the old Rambo films, the man is stowing away in the bog with his firearm, and when he sees the adversary, he shows up out of the blue, or you investigate the Longoz Forests with this fervor…

Kayaks are 25 TL for each individual and there is no time limit. You can hang out in the profundities of the lake and timberland as indicated by your psyche. On the rear of the kayak, there are bearings like “green boat to the right, yellow barge to left” about how to continue on the lake, with the goal that you don’t get lost. To begin with, you move tranquility on the straight lake, while you see the whole populace of living things in the water. As you draw nearer to the reeds, you anticipate the green boat, however, it doesn’t show itself immediately. Regardless of whether you mind it, you imagine that you are lost or that the green boat has vanished. Yet, don’t be apprehensive, keep column. In the wake of seeing the green barge, first, take a murmur, then, at that point, make a plunge straight into the reeds. Try not to fear frogs bouncing around (Hatice: I was frightened although we said as much) and proceed with your investigation. As you move further into the woodland, you will see regions where you can land. Consider going aground. Since you can encounter various fervors there. The arrival part is somewhat of an issue. Even though I was unable to get out on Ertan’s extreme demand, I ended up ashore inside the space of seconds as the dearest frog bounced into the kayak. Be that as it may, be mindful so as not to fall into the water.

The primary thing we did with the sleepiness of paddling was to rest and have a pleasant dinner.

After the feast, we played out our espresso custom to no one’s surprise and inundated ourselves in the cool waters of the Black Sea to chill. In a single word love the ocean! The ocean side comprises of sand, our most loved because there is rock, greenery, and so on our feet. We prefer not to contact it. The water was extremely spotless, the saltiness rate was additionally very great. There was a slight wave yet it was entirely charming.

Assuming you get overpowered by the hotness of the ocean side, you will see an extremely beautiful bistro right behind you. Here you can both have a beverage and charge your telephones.

Assuming you are exploring nature in Longoz Forests and Mert Lake, the greatest thing to consider is mosquitoes. We would like you to perceive how we are short. We were befuddled about where to scratch ourselves. We quickly hopped in the vehicle and took our breath at the drug store. We took an allergy medicine gel altogether not to feel fly anti-agents and tingling and proceeded with our setting up camp fun from the latest relevant point of interest.

Fortunately, there was a meteor shower the night we were there, and we were fortunate that we saw a couple of stars shift. Individuals ran to the ocean side to watch the meteor shower, as the sky and stars looked so delightful in Igneada and Longoz Forests.

Something else you can do when you go to Igneada is to come by Dupnisa Cave on your way.


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