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Since we have less downtime and spare energy with our work life, we are presently attempting to visit the urban areas by bike as opposed to going to the urban areas by bike. Our answer here is that bikes accompany us when we travel via vehicle. How? That;



Trips abroad are normally made via plane because of restricted time and hardly any excursion days. However, why not go to the nations that are our line for an end-of-the-week escape and 9-10-day happy occasions? Despite the new expansion in the euro, there are still nations that, as we would like to think, are modest.

Simultaneously, how would it be a good idea for me to get to nations like Greece, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia? How about we see what should be done together;

In the first place, assuming the vehicle is enlisted to you or the individual enrolled to you is in the vehicle, you can proceed with your excursion with practically no issues.

On the off chance that the vehicle isn’t on you, or in cases, for example, an organization vehicle, you should acquire a general legal authority from the individual or organization who is on top of the vehicle within the sight of a legal official. These standards are the guidelines for leaving Turkey, and for Greece, this part doesn’t make any difference.


Global Driving License

What’s more, when we come to the issue of a driver’s permit, take out another driver’s permit with a chip, or at least, without even batting an eye. By giving 15 TL, you will keep away from both pointless exchanges and significant expenses. Any other way, you should get an abroad driver’s permit by paying a sum like 300-400 TL. You can likewise do this at the traditions door.

To give a driver’s permit with a chip https://surucurandevu.egm.gov.tr you can arrange at/. With this driver’s permit, you can undoubtedly go to EU nations.

Insurence, casually known as the green card/green protection, you want to have this affirmation. European nations will ask you for this report upon appearance in the country.

A green card is an unfamiliar form of traffic protection that we use in the nation, so it is required to make it to safeguard the other party. A green card is an unfamiliar form of traffic protection that we use in the country.

To get your vehicle, you can call your vehicle insurance agency and book vehicle protection abroad for the dates you are going to.

2017 green card costs are introduced at variable costs like 15 days – 52.5€, multi-month – 65.63 €, and 90 days – 118.13€ for the vehicle.

You can book worldwide protection from Turing workplaces or an insurance agency to begin your outing. You can likewise deal with this cycle at the traditions door if you need.

There are Turing workplaces at which customs doors; you can see the subtleties here.

We referenced driver’s licenses and protection for Europe above, however, the main thing for Europe is the Schengen visa! It merits recalling that you can not exit without a visa.

Assuming that you are going to Georgia, identification isn’t required. Whenever you leave with your ID card, you can look at it without paying the 15 TL abroad charge.



On the off chance that you believe it’s the ideal opportunity for Greece to visit places; you can begin investigating the peaceful and immaculate sounds and urban areas of Greece beginning from Alexandroupolis/Alexandroupolis, 300 km away from Istanbul. We clicked to take a gander at the spots we visited in Greece…


Greece: Alexandroupolis/Alexandroupolis

Assuming you like skiing, you likewise have choices. Bulgaria! Bansko, one of the popular ski resorts, is just 600 km from Istanbul. At the point when you think about Uludag costs, you can track down convenience at a cost of one-fifth.

Assuming we gather what we have composed;

The vehicle should be all alone, if not, a full legal authority should be gotten. 75 TL

You should get a green card for somewhere around 15 days. 215 TL

We need to get a driver’s permit with a chip. 15 TL

The data composed above is about vehicles, bikes, and vans (Ford Connect, and so on) applies to.


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