Tour of Greece in 72 Hours: Alexandroupolis-Xanthi-Gyumilcine-Kavala

On Saturday, and Sunday, we were going on a long excursion; the course was different, and the main stop was Greece… We completed our visit on Saturday morning and got back about fourteen days after the fact on Sunday night with a tiring speed.

A vehicle was an unquestionable requirement to see such a lot of room in such a brief time frame. “I thought you were a Traveler from Velespit?” don’t stress over the individuals who said, the bicycles were on the vehicle and we accelerated any place we went.

The most famous spots in the locales of Greece close to our line are Alexandroupoli/Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Thasos, Asprovalta, and Thessaloniki. We have not had the option to go to these focuses referenced, yet we will educate you exhaustively regarding the spots to visit for by far most of them. In this article, we will enlighten you exhaustively regarding the spots to visit in Kavala and our movement encounters.

  1. Water system

The Kavala water systems were first worked by the Romans, comprising of 60 curves of different sizes, the most noteworthy of which is 52 meters, and were reconstructed by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1550. As indicated by reports, the palace is the last beneficiary of the water passages. At first, the water was put on the Byzantine dividers, going through earthen lines, coming up to the foot of the slope of the settlement of Panagia. During periods when there is no specialized information for the water to ascend higher, the inhabitants of the locale supply the water starting here. The reservoir conduits that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had remade tackled this issue, and the water approached the most noteworthy pieces of the palace. It is likewise noticed that the confirmation of the sufficiency of water is the wellsprings introduced on the squares.



One of the primary spots to investigate in the city is the old town called Panagia. Prior to visiting this spot, it is advantageous to wear agreeable shoes. Since you are sitting tight for an outing with a ton of inclines, however where you will have a visual dining experience.

The generalization that you run over while heading to the old city is a mosque worked by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent for the sake of Ibrahim Pasha in 1530. Nonetheless, in 1926, its minaret was abbreviated, transformed into a ringer tower, and transformed into a congregation.



The house where the originator of the last Egyptian tradition, Mehmet Ali Pasha of Egypt, was conceived, is situated in the focal point of the old city of Kavala, safeguarded right up ’til today. The manor was inherent in 1720 and this excellent house, which is an illustration of Macedonian design, has been enlisted as the establishment property of the Egyptian State. Mehmet Ali Pasha’s house comprises of two sections, which are the ground and the principal floor.

By the Greeks, the Governor of Egypt, Kavalali Mehmet Pasha, is so cherished in the city that his bust will be raised. The principle justification behind this is that he opposed the Ottoman Empire and established his line.

Note: Every workday with the exception of Monday: from 10:00 to 14:00, Full ticket: from 2.00 €/Educational excursions: understudies: from 1.00 €



An average Ottoman construction with 8 vaults, there are 2 madrasahs, 2 masjids, and an imaret in the Imaret, that is to say, a design with a fondler house.

The Imaret, which was utilized as a madrasa and soup kitchen by Mehmet Ali Pasha of Kavala in Ottoman times, was taken over by the Egyptian Government and is presently worked as an exceptionally rich inn by a financial specialist from Kavala. You are not permitted to visit within Imaret much, so we pass this part for a couple of photographs from an external perspective and proceed with our outing.

As you go up the slope, you will be welcomed by brilliant bistros with radiant perspectives.



The gallery is a historical center of innovation that reflects both the business excursion of eastern tobaccos and the normal history of Kavala and East Macedonia and the Thrace Region.

The gallery contains a wide range of content connected with the cigarette business, from October to September, handling of tobacco by laborers, show tests, exchange tobacco, and the class battle with the dissemination of tobacco dealers. The old-style tobacco method, which has been neglected, can exist in this exhibition hall all over Europe.

Entrance: for nothing.



The palace, well known for its stunning perspectives, is situated on the highest point of the most customary quarter of the city of Kavala, the Panagia Peninsula, or the Old Town.

It draws in a large number of guests to the area consistently and establishes one of the main recorded landmarks of the district.

It draws in the consideration of antiquarians, archeologists, draftsmen, understudies from everywhere in the world since it has stayed in great condition to date and has fascinating corners loaded with “insider facts”.

Greek and Foreign, everything being equal, Although travel to the past wonderful to partake in the landscape of the palace at the outdoors theater dramatic exhibitions, shows, kids’ shows facilitated in and watch the remainder of the Castle, painting, and photography displays to see visit the palace.

Transportation should be possible via vehicle in a measured way, however, you can partake in the magnificence of the old city by walking.



In the wake of visiting the Old City in Kavala, you can likewise go to the ocean side and visit the New City. You can investigate the ocean, which you see from a higher place. Likewise, around evening time, bistros that are nearly at the top of the means are very enthusiastic, practically all of Kavala goes down to the ocean side. Greek Frappesi is likewise our idea here, however, would you be able to observe Turkish tea blending also?



There are superb seashores here, as well as nearby Alexandroupoli. You can attempt the seashores of Kalamitsa, Amalfi, and Keramoti, rather than the seashores in the city. Sunbeds and umbrellas are not charged here all things considered. To such assistance, you are relied upon to drink or eat something.

To improve; Kavala Travel Guide!


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