Tour of Greece in 72 Hours: Alexandroupolis-Xanthi-Gyumilcine-Kavala

On Saturday, and Sunday, we were going on a long vacation; the route was varied, and the first stop was Greece… We finished our tour on Saturday morning and arrived home two weeks later on Sunday night with a grueling pace.

A car was a must to see so much space in such a short time. “I thought you were a Traveler from Velespit?” don’t worry about those who said, the bikes were on the car and we pedaled wherever we went.

The most popular places in the regions of Greece near our border are Alexandroupoli/Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Thasos, Asprovalta, and Thessaloniki. We have not been able to go to all of these points mentioned, but we will tell you in detail about the places to visit for the vast majority of them. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the places to visit in Kavala and our travel experiences.



The Kavala aqueducts were first built by the Romans, consisting of 60 arches of various sizes, the highest of which is 52 meters, and were rebuilt by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1550. According to reports, the castle is the final recipient of the aqueducts. Initially, the water was placed on the Byzantine walls, passing through earthen pipes, reaching up to the foot of the hill of the settlement of Panagia. During periods when there is no technical knowledge for the water to rise higher, the residents of the region supply the water from this point. The aqueducts that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had rebuilt solved this problem, and the water had access to the highest parts of the castle. It is also noted that the proof of the adequacy of water is the fountains installed on the squares.



One of the first places to explore in the city is the old town called Panagia. Before visiting this place, it is worthwhile to wear comfortable sneakers. Because you are waiting for a trip with a lot of slopes, but where you will have a visual feast.

The stereotype that you come across on your way to the old city is a mosque built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the name of Ibrahim Pasha in 1530. However, in 1926, its minaret was shortened, turned into a bell tower, and turned into a church.



The house where the founder of the last Egyptian dynasty, Mehmet Ali Pasha of Egypt, was born, is located in the center of the old city of Kavala, preserved to this day. The mansion was built in 1720 and this beautiful house, which is an example of Macedonian architecture, has been registered as the foundation property of the Egyptian State. Mehmet Ali Pasha’s mansion consists of two parts, which are the ground and the first floor.

By the Greeks, the Governor of Egypt, Kavalali Mehmet Pasha, is so beloved in the city that his bust will be erected. The main reason for this is that he rebelled against the Ottoman Empire and founded his dynasty.

Note: Every weekday except Monday: from 10:00 to 14:00, Full ticket: from 2.00 € / Educational trips: students: from 1.00 €



A typical Ottoman structure with 8 domes, there are 2 madrasahs, 2 masjids, and an imaret in the Imaret, that is, a structure with a fondler house.

The Imaret, which was used as a madrasa and soup kitchen by Mehmet Ali Pasha of Kavala in Ottoman times, was taken over by the Egyptian Government and is currently operated as a very luxurious hotel by a businessman from Kavala. You are not allowed to visit the inside of Imaret much, so we pass this part for a few photos from the outside and continue our trip.

As you go up the hill, you will be greeted by wonderful cafes with magnificent views.



The museum is a museum of technology that reflects both the commercial journey of eastern tobaccos and the common history of Kavala and East Macedonia and the Thrace Region.

The museum contains all kinds of content related to the cigarette industry, from October to September, processing of tobacco by peasants, exhibition samples, trade-in tobacco, and the class struggle with the circulation of tobacco merchants. The classical tobacco technique, which has been forgotten, can only exist in this museum all over Europe.

Entrance: free of charge.



The castle, famous for its breathtaking views, is located on the top of the most traditional quarter of the city of Kavala, the Panagia Peninsula, or the Old Town.

It attracts thousands of visitors to the region every year and constitutes one of the most important historical monuments of the region.

It attracts the attention of historians, archaeologists, architects, students from all over the world because it has remained in good condition to date and has interesting corners full of “secrets”.

Greek and Foreign, of all ages, Although travel to the past perfect to enjoy the scenery of the castle at the open-air theatre theatrical performances, concerts, children’s shows hosted in and watch the rest of the Castle, painting and photography exhibitions to see visit the castle.

Transportation can be done by car up to a certain point, but you can enjoy the beauty of the old city on foot.



After visiting the Old City in Kavala, you can also go to the beach and visit the New City. You can take a much closer look at the sea, which you see from above. In addition, at night, cafes that are almost at the head of the steps are quite lively, almost all of Kavala goes down to the beach. Greek Frappesi is also our suggestion here, but can you find Turkish tea brewing as well?



There are wonderful beaches here, as well as in the vicinity of Alexandroupoli. You can try the beaches of Kalamitsa, Amolfi, and Keramoti, rather than the beaches in the city. Sunbeds and umbrellas are not charged here either. To such a service, you are expected to drink or eat something.

To get to know Kavala better; Kavala Travel Guide!


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