The Secret Paradise of Ankara is Kurtboğazı

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We have been imparting to you that we have been exploring nature and traveling for quite a while. Exploiting the way that we were understudies, we woke up in places that were all excellent from one another, as distant as we could go. When the realized working circumstances started to lead us to some more end-of-the-week escapes, we started to research our environmental elements all the more completely. This doesn’t imply that we are just in Ankara now. We want to pursue a few little open doors and enliven our ends of the week and offer them with you.


In General, the Kurtbogazi Dam

Kurtboğazı Dam is one of the dams giving Ankara water, situated inside the lines of Kazan. its development was finished in 1967. It offers an adequate measure of covering and breathability with counterfeit afforestation in spots and normal green in places. The green spot offers an adequate measure of shade and breathability with fake afforestation in places.

The primary thing that draws us to this lake is without a doubt its vicinity to Ankara. It is around 60 km from the middle! It is feasible to escape Etlik Garage and steer Kızılcahamam transports heading down the path of Istanbul street. Furthermore, you can get off and ride anyplace along the street!

The lake is naturally neither the steppe of Ankara nor the continuous timberlands of Bolu. It’s directly in the center at any rate. Thusly, it offers the ideal climate for individuals who have quite recently begun setting up camp and will require day climbs. We can say that it is protected both according to the perspective of nature and according to the perspective of a man.


Transportation to the Dam and Campsite

A specific piece of the dam has been organized to make an excursion region. Where individuals for the most part come and see is the outing and promenade region. We picked the western shore of the lake for setting up camp, around 3 km in the wake of crossing the promenade. The area is spot on underneath! Via vehicle, you can get right to where we can toss a tent. We are the ones who got off the transport on the principal street and strolled for around 20 minutes.

Where we set up a shelter is right on the rear of a lush hillock. Because of the impact of tallness, it offers an enlivening encounter to the backwoods and water sees. But at the same time how about, we advise you that it offers somewhat of a virus experience.

There were for the most part individuals fishing nearby the dam where we are found. They say that the most regularly observed fish are pike and carp. Some go through the night for fish, albeit not in our nearby area.


Setting up camp in Kurtbogaz for Short

Transportation: About 60 km upper east of Ankara. It’s on the banks of Kızılcahamam street. Public transportation is conceivable by Kızılcahamam transports. You want to stroll around 20 minutes to the camping area.

Setting up camp Place: Wooded, you can camp on the edge of the hillock where we indicated the direction on the bank of the dam. To be less impacted by the breeze, we suggest that you set up a shelter a little underneath the top.

Rough Location: 40.300303, 32.708126

Environment: Cold, brutal, and breezy. Albeit fine gear is enough in the mid-year, we suggest that you go with provisions for the other 3 seasons.

Water-Food: There is no streaming wellspring and a supermarket. There are a few summer houses inside a 5-minute stroll of where we set up camp, where water can be mentioned if vital.


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