The Land of the Amazons: The Black Sea

Melodies, exercises, books, it’s the stuff excellence Legends of the Black Sea, which is the subject of Homer’s Iliad, Amazons, female heroes referenced in the progress of numerous history specialists, for example, Herodotus resided altogether is positioned as one of the spots where the Black Sea coast. These days, it is as of now topography well known for its solid, diligent ladies, very much like the Amazons. Yesilin is well known for its green, blue, environment, Amazonian ladies If you are interested in the Black Sea, we should see where are the 13 spots to visit in the district…


Giresun Island

A small island qualifies as being the main island in the Black Sea. As per legend, the Amazons were likewise occupied for some time. Transportation to the island is given by visits, and road trips are given.


Boztepe – Ordu

Boztepe, which has an incredible perspective on the Black Sea from the top, is open by trolley and street. If you don’t have anxiety toward statures, the streetcar will be a great encounter. You can have dinner with a view at a spot in Boztepe or taste your well-known Black Sea tea.


Regular Wonder Highlands

In the boiling long periods of summer, you can go to one of the lovely levels, where you will absorb the wonderful air and wind. Ayder, Pokutdec Kumbet Plateaus are among our ideas.


Sümela Monastery – Trabzon

The Sumela Monastery, which you frequently find in the photographs and has become one of the images of Trabzon, is situated at the foot of Mount Zigana. The development of the cloister, which has been underlying an astounding spot when seen from beneath, was worked with on account of the caverns situated on the mountain. It is feasible to arrive at the religious community by foot from a pathway and by vehicles from the back.


Istanbul – Trabzon

Uzungol, one more of the images of Trabzon, is again perhaps the main spot to visit in the Black Sea. An avalanche shaped while rocks tumbling from the slants hindered the stream bank lake. You will partake in your morning meal joined by the lavish nature around you.


Amasra – Bartın

At the point when Fatih Sultan Mehmet came to overcome this spot, he asked his instructor Akşemsettin, “Is this lala çeşm-ı cihan ola?’ (Is this the understudy of the world?) the city wherein he doesn’t conceal that he is interested in utilizing his words. These days, it is a beguiling town associated with Bartın… You can swim in the obscure yet perfect sounds of this spot, go for a walk through its rich nature.


Safranbolu – Karabuk

It is one of the significant spots safeguarded by UNESCO and added to the World Heritage List. You can take a visit through the cobbled roads and get lost among dec excellent wooden manors. You might remain in one of them. What’s more, you can’t return without drinking the popular saffron tea!


Lake Abant – Bolu

It is a remarkable lake encircled by pine woodlands. Summer, winter, spring, to put it plainly, each season is wonderful independently. After breakfast by the lake, you can go climbing or cycling visits, or even take a boat ride or an ocean bicycle ride on the lake. Regardless you do, you will not be back until you discover a true sense of harmony.


Shavshat – Artvin

in 2015, in the locale of Shavshat, which has brought home the championship of ‘Cittaslow’, that is, ‘quiet city”, dissimilar to different spots of the Black Sea, green will meet you in an alternate tone. You can have a cookout on the shore of Karagöl, which is situated in this area, and visit its sublime levels.


Hopa – Artvin

Hopa, the easternmost tip of the Black Sea, in the region of Artvin, which borders Georgia. You will get back to green full like many Black Sea areas, furthermore, you can get from Hopa to Georgia by minibusses. Likewise, we should advise you that you can enter Georgia without a visa just with your ID cards.


Yason Church – Ordu

The congregation is situated on Cape Yason and is associated with the Thursday area of Ordu. There is no organizing around it, along these lines, regular excellence is felt without limit. After we traded with Greece, the congregation was left without an assemblage and was very obsolete because it was not utilized for quite a while. Be that as it may, in 2004 it was reestablished and opened for the travel industry.


Zil Castle – Trabzon

The palace, situated on a high slope in the valley of the tempest, from the start looks like the palaces in Europe. The palace, which is one of the semi-secret spots of the Black Sea, is a superb structure that you ought to take a brief trip and see.


The Lighthouse of Inceburun – Sinop

The beacon, situated in Inceburun, which has the differentiation of being the northernmost tip of Turkey, was worked in 1863. A family has been living in the beacon for a long time. It is among the must-see places.

Now that you are a Black Sea master, you are prepared for Black Sea Tours!


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