Songs That Keep Cities Alive

Urban areas that shape our ways of life, become the location of our recollections, once in a while transform into a home, now and then into a wreck that we need to escape from, and exhibit the picture of nations… Urban communities have been an immediate wellspring of motivation for some works like sonnets, movies, and tunes, with all that they have from the works inside the city to the normal wonders and individuals. . For our perusers, we recently pre-arranged the article “Movies That Keep Cities Alive”, and presently we have assembled the “Melodies That Keep Cities Alive” with extraordinary joy…

Forthcoming Sinatra – New York, New York

The most renowned melody of the 1980s, New York, New York, with verses by Fred Ebb and music by John Kander… It was sung by Liza Minelli 2 years before it was made popular by Frank Sinatra, yet the entire world was sung by Frank Sinatra’s huge understanding and voice. perceived by. For the individuals who need to go to New York with new expectations, the melody is as yet one of the works that best sums up the fantasy of New York, one of the most intriguing urban areas on the planet:

New York, New York

I need to awaken in a city, that never rests and…

Morrissey – Istanbul

Morrissey, who loves Istanbul without a doubt, said that he would compose a tune about Istanbul in Istanbul shows and he wonderfully did this, amazing every one of us with this piece that began with azan. This sweet melody about our Istanbul is in the third spot in the collection World Peace is None of Your Business, which was delivered the previous summer.

Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Composed by Doc Pomus in 1963 and voiced by Elvis Presley in the film Viva Las Vegas, it has been a famous melody for a long time and has become one of the most charming tunes of Elvis, the lord of Rock N Roll. Viva Las Vegas is on our rundown with verses and musicality causing you to feel that brilliant universe of Las Vegas. He communicates the enlightened universe of Las Vegas very well with the accompanying words:

Viva Las Vegas turnin’ day into evening.

MFÖ – Bodrum

Although we have numerous effective artists and melodies composed for urban communities in our country, which settle on urban community’s feelings and decisions, we settled on this decision for MFÖ and Bodrum. The incredible threesome of the Turkish music world Mazhar, Fuat, Özkan, the famous MFÖ bunch, is a tune that contacts the spirit of an individual, where you will feel the climate of Bodrum each time you hear its tune with the Bodrum melody.

Scott Mckenzie-San Francisco

A tune won’t be unfamiliar to enthusiasts of the clique film Frost Gump featuring Tom Hanks.

Coldplay – Amsterdam

What’s more, the tunes that keep different urban communities on our rundown alive;

Dido – Paris

Intensely hot Chippers – Californication

Michael Jackson-Chicago

The Clash – London Calling

Freddie Mercury – Barcelona


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