Prepare the Parachutes, We’re Going to Friend the Clouds

We welcome you to get your feet going on September 10, Free Parachutist Day! We should have a little data about this outrageous game where you can be companions with the mists.

Abdurrahman Türkkuşu, who got dropping preparation in the Soviet Union, was the principal individual to hop on the boundaries of our country on September 10, 1937. With the choice taken in the 35th Turkish Parachute Championship in 2006, September 10 was pronounced as Free Parachutist Day in our country.

A free parachute, likewise called sky jumping, is the launch of a parachute at a specific scope of feet by going into space from an airplane like an outrageous games airplane, helicopter. Another is paragliding. It is an adrenaline-bringing sport up in Turkey where you begin running on the slant with your free parachute and take off with your viable gear, and where you can arrive at heights of 4000-5000 meters in Turkey.

There are likewise different sorts of hopping made both in our nation and on the planet. When mixed with the aerobatic exhibition, it is to the point of bringing the hearts of even the crowd to their mouths. Paragliding, which is the most favored paragliding in our nation, takes your feet off the ground with its pair type, where you will encounter the pinnacles of delight as a novice. A Tandem is a sort of hop wherein two individuals are associated front and back. The justification for why novices favor it more than anything is that they can bounce along with proficient pilots as indicated by their weight. Interestingly, you adhere to your educator’s directions to run, and attempting to sit up early will forestall both of you from taking a sound leap.

We have arrived at the most agreeable stage. Where would we be able to bounce with a parachute? Assuming we answer this inquiry for our nation, Fethiye/Ölüdeniz, Kaş, Izmir/Bozdağ, Istanbul/Ormanlı, Bolu/Abant and Bursa/Gürsu are the initial ones that ring a bell. We believed that a couple of these courses would be an option in contrast to your vacation choice and we point by pointing them for you.



Fethiye; It is the main location of the people who need to do paragliding. Babadağ’s 1900 meters elevation offers the potential chance to watch the longshore from the sky after the leap. Additionally, for experts, this elevation arrives at 3500 meters. Your view from Butterfly Valley to Kaya Village will take your breath away against the wonders of nature. Also, while your arrival point is the novel luxurious sands of Belceğiz Beach, you will have done the extraordinary avionics game of your life. Make sure to compute your plunge time, although the sky thermals eventually decide this. The photographs that you can take while encountering the opportunity of the sky will blow your Instagram likes! The connection of the article for our Instagram tips… >>> Are you prepared to explode your Instagram Likes on Vacation?



It very well maybe your best option with the expectation of complimentary drop hopping in Izmir/Selçuk. Preparing that you want to orchestrate ahead of time and your planning relying upon the atmospheric conditions are vital. After AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Training, you can do Tandem Free Parachute bouncing. Plunging high up at a speed of 200 km from 4000 meters should be a remarkable involvement with your life.



Kas, paragliding at a statue of 650 meters on Asas Mountain is great for the people who will encounter this interestingly. Observing all of Kaş and the Çukurbağ Peninsula like a smaller than expected during your 20 brief plunges will expand your fervor. This leap with your accomplished pilots will cause you to have a good sense of reassurance even at 650 meters. During your plunge to Kaş Harbor, your educator will request that you stand up and begin strolling. Presently you’re on your feet, however, you’ll go through an entire day feeling like you’re flying.

Remember that an occasion where you will feel free and be companions with the mists should likewise be a decent option as of September 10 methodologies.


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