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Occasion Bird 03 October 2019

We as a whole need film now and again that lie on our lounge chair and go on us on an outing. Adding to that the boiling temperatures we’ve been encountering recently, these motion pictures will decide your getaway course. Attach your safety belt A rundown is sitting tight for you from Bozcaada to Barcelona, Vienna to Alaska. We are likewise sitting tight for you to improve our rundown with your remarks.


A Little September Affair (2014)

The film featuring Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Engin Akyurek recounts a surprising romantic tale in Bozcaada. It is about the way that September, who has never lost his energy, doesn’t recollect the last month because of the mishap he had, and the charming minutes he and Tek (Engin Akyürek) had on the island. Gokhan Tiryaki handily assumes control over the cinematography of the film in Bozcaada, a mysterious spot. The coral reds that get your attention in each scene are the sort that would make you say assuming I were on that island as well… Imdb:7,4


A Handful of Seas (2011)

The darling names of the homegrown film are Berrak Tüzünataç and Engin Altan Düzyatan, the film featuring them is in the class of sentiment and show. Mert, who has recently gotten back from America, takes an interest in a boat visit through his companions Bora and Aylin in Fethiye Gocek with his sweetheart. While the gathering is partaking in their days off, the ocean (Clear Charter) comes out. Deniz’s mocking and reckless mentality unexpectedly turns into the focal point of Mert’s consideration. He is presently prepared to second guess himself and become mixed up in a modest bunch of oceans.

The movie’s chief Leyla Yılmaz’s take-off point is ‘quiet harbor or turbulent ocean?’ there has been a predicament. It is definitively now that the exceptional blue of the Gocek coast and the turbulent issue of Istanbul are likewise capable by us moviegoers. IMDb: 5,6


Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Barcelona ( 2008)

This time, Woody Allen informs us concerning the boundlessness of adoration and workmanship, contorted connections, male-female pressures through two American ladies who came holiday in Barcelona. Vicky is a moderate lady who is going to get hitched, and Cristina is a unique lady who likes to swim in perilous waters. During their Barcelona excursion, the film floats into an impervious circle of drama when they are drawn to a baffling Spanish craftsman and meet the craftsman’s excellent however not so risky ex. The film contains opportunity, summer, and enthusiasm to a great extent. The film, which Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz fans watch with adoration, will cause you to want to go to Barcelona. What to say from us… Imdb:7,4


Before Sunrise (1995)

The film, which begins with Celine and Jesse meeting on the Budapest-Vienna train, will take you to the roads of Vienna in a moment. Jesse, who will walk the roads of Vienna until morning since he has no cash, requests that Celine go with him. Celine, who didn’t reject this proposition, jabbers about writing, craftsmanship, and theory and invests energy mixed with the enchantment of the city. At each progression they take, the roads of the city that lead to sentiment will likewise impact you. Until the morning train time shows up. Before loading up the train, which will head down two unique paths, they say ‘In Vienna in a half year’s and leave for the unexplored world. Spin-offs of the series are additionally sitting tight for you. Richard Linklater’s 1995 film Before Sunrise deconstructs the connection between Celine and Jesse and makes them go gaga for the city. Imdb:8.1


Wild (2014)

We proceed with our rundown with our film (Wild), which was adjusted from the book and roused by a genuine story. The book, comprising of Cheryl Strayed’s journals, was adjusted into a short film in 2014.

Cheryl had awful adolescence because of her dad, and after the passing of her mom, it turned out to be undeniably challenging for her to recuperate. On top of these circumstances, with the expansion of the separation cycle, it was inescapable that Cheryl would take off herself. For this situation, he concludes that it is everything thing he can manage to stick to life and set off to benefit from the opportunity of nature. the point he needs to reach on this 1000 km venture is very clear.

It incorporates the visual gala that happens during the climb of the Pacific Crest Road, as well as the 87th. It will be very lovely to watch Cheryl thinking about such a genuine profound change that she will be granted the ‘Best Actress grant at the Oscars. IMDb: 7.1


Into The Wild (2007)

Do you recall the day you just moved on from school? Haven’t you abruptly wound up in a major void when the way you will take in your life is clear all the time? I’m almost certain, ‘Have you gotten a new line of work?’, ‘When are you going to begin now?’ the inquiries began coming simultaneously as your recognition.

On the day when Christopher has quite recently moved on from school, he pushes every one of the issues in his existence with the rear of his hand and goes out traveling alone. He disposes of every one of his cards, including his personality, and liberates out on a mission to end up of his modifiers.

The film, which tells about his excursion that he will wind up in the abandoned woodlands of Alaska to dispose of the commotion, swarms, and, in particular, aspirations of the city, is presently on the rundown of faction films for moviegoers. A film in which you would simply prefer not to be a crowd of people for the gigantic quality of nature will make you pack your rucksack. Imbd:8,1



We have concluded that there is an unquestionable requirement to have a film on our rundown that you can watch with your kids. We have chosen Up for you.


Up is a film that breaks the no-no that energized films are just for kids, setting out with the maxim ‘don’t surrender your fantasies. A movement that makes you think while watching with your kid, invest quality energy in return for his words.

He welcomes you to watch the excursion of 8-year-old Russell, a nature pioneer and 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen, who needs to see the untamed life of South America for his entire life, by binds his home to inflatables. We don’t pamper the amazement of the film minus any additional clues. appreciate watching.


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