Now It Was To Be In The Black Sea

Presently the time had come to be in the Black Sea with its tunes, society tunes, its wavy individuals like the ocean, which is the subject of jokes, and in particular, its inclination typifying each shade of green…

Right now is an ideal opportunity for a social visit in contact with nature in the Black Sea, the best spot where you can observe the restoration of nature with the appearance of spring! Try not to be late to find the Black Sea, which offers its visitors one more magnificence at each progression from the west toward the east!

You can track down the chance to investigate both the regular marvels and social upsides of the Black Sea district along with a visit you browse the Black Sea Tours page.

Uzun will permit you to effortlessly investigate Amasya, Tokat, Ordu, Gümüşhane, Zigana, Trabzon, Fırtına Valley, Ayder Plateau, Hopa, Borcka, Batumi, Rize, Uzungol, Demirkapi Plateau, Giresun, Samsun, Sinop, Kastamonu, Safranbolu, Yörükköy and Amasra. You can investigate the entire of the Black Sea with the Black Sea and Batumi Tour.


Visit Program:

The visit, which begins consistently on Friday nights, is exuberant; It endures 7 evenings and 8 evenings and 9 days. The visit, which begins with the social affair of the visitors in Istanbul, Izmit, and Ankara, begins the journey program with the appearance in Amasya. In Amasya, you can see the water channels that are the subject of the Ferhat and Şirin legend, Amasya Archeology and Mummy Museum, the second Bayezid Complex, King Rock Tombs, Amasya Castle, Yalıboyu Houses, Şehzadeler Park, Magdenus, Low and Government Bridges, Hazeranlar Mansion and Clock Tower. In the wake of seeing Sulu Sokak, Yağıbasan Madrasa, Deveciler Han, Tokat Grand Mosque, Mevlevihane Foundation Museum, and Latifoğlu Mansion in Tokat, we go to the inn where you will remain for supper.

The following day, after taking the trolley to Boztepe in Ordu, snapping a picture and short breather, Giresun Castle and Giresun Island, the main palace of the Black Sea, should be visible extensively. Then, at that point, in the wake of visiting the 256-meter-long Karaca Cave, probably the best illustration of the dripstone collapses the Torul region of Gümüşhane, looking for mash and Kome is made and afterward, Hamsiköy Sütlacı is eaten. A short time later, we will go to the lodging for supper and convenience.

The following day, after breakfast, we set out for Trabzon and visit Hamsiköy, Maçka, Atatürk Mansion, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sürmene and Fırtına Valley in Trabzon. You can join Zilkale Tour or Rafting Tour for an additional expense. After these visits, you can visit Gelin Tülü Waterfall, Kalegon, Lower Ambarlık and Yukarı Ambarlık in Ayder Plateau. Thereafter, we will go to the inn for supper and convenience.

The following day, after breakfast at the lodging, we will go to the Borcka area of Artvin. The regular marvels around Karagöl will be seen on the Karagöl Tour, where visitors can join for an additional expense. A short time later, the entry to Batumi is made through the Sarp line entryway. You should have your character card or visa with you at the hour of a section, with an image and Turkish ID number. It is preposterous to expect to enter and exit with reports other than this. Gonio (Asparos) Castle, where the tomb of St. Mathias is situated in Batumi, should be visible extensively. Then, at that point, crossing the extension that the Coruh River crosses before meeting the ocean, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Batumi should be visible from an external perspective. St. Nicolaos Orthodox Church, Piazza Square, Theater Square, Theater Building, Poseidon Statue, Europe Square, Astronomical Clock, Medea Statue, Batumi Boulevard, and T.C. Batumi Consulate General Building is one of the spots to see in Batumi. Thereafter, we return to our country through the Sarp Border Gate.

After breakfast at the lodging on the 6th day of the excursion, we will embark on Rize. On the course Of, Çaykara, Taşkıran, continue along the Solaklı Stream and its valley and show up at Uzungöl, which is a set lake shaped by the precipices shutting the valley because of an avalanche. Here you can join any of 2 unique extra paid visits. You can join the Lustra – Garester Highland Tour or Haldizen Creek – Demirkapı Highland – Highland House Tour from these visits. After the lunch and shopping break, we will go to the inn for supper and convenience.

The following day, after breakfast, we leave the inn and show up at Giresun Port for the Giresun Island Tour, which is extra paid. After the boat visit to Giresun Island, the main island of the Black Sea, you can find Kuzalan Waterfalls, Mavigöl, travertines, and great amazing trees in Kuzalan Nature Park. After lunch, we will withdraw for Samsun.

On the eighth day of the visit, you arrive at Samsun, where the public battle started. In the wake of seeing the National Struggle Park, Bandırma Ferry, Samsun Municipality Park, the Atatürk Honor Monument, which is the image of Samsun, Mantika Palas (the present Gazi Museum), the inn where Atatürk remained when he went to Samsun, the First Step Monument, we set out for Sinop. . On the way, there is a photograph break at the Amazon War Woman Statue. In the wake of seeing Bafra and Gerze locale, you will arrive at Sinop. In the wake of visiting the Deveci Creek Valley, Hamsilos Bay, Sinop Castle, and the Old Sinop Prison in Sinop, we will set out for Kastamonu for convenience.

On the 10th and last day of the visit, after breakfast, we will go to Amasra after visiting the Government House, Şerife Bacı Monument, Nasrullah Square, Kastamonu Castle, and Clock Tower. After seeing the Kemere Bridge, Church Mosque, and Çekiciler Bazaar in Amasra, the visitors are coming back to be dropped off at the spots where they were gotten.

During this full nine-day visit, agreeable Black Sea Region Hotels are chosen for convenience.

Try not to pass up on the amazing chance to find the Black Sea Region, which is a contender to be one of a handful of the regular marvels of our nation and, surprisingly, the world, where you can find each shade of green independently!


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