Love, Pain, and Salt, It’s All in This Buvet

Even though it sounds antique with regards to the miserable romantic tale of a researcher father and a couple in adoration, Hasan Boğuldu has a better place with its fascinating story and clear waters.

Hasan Boğuldu Buveti, secret heaven in Edremit Bay, at the foot of Kaz Mountains. You might be acquainted with this spot, where each shade of green entrances for four seasons, from crafted by Sabahattin Ali. He has a miserable story. The offspring of two antagonistic families fall head over heels for one another. At the point when the young lady’s family doesn’t assent, the business goes uphill and specifies; Hasan will take the sack loaded with salt on his back and climb the slope. Hasan falls into the stream he passes by consistently and suffocates, Emine hangs herself due to her aggravation. The story is eventually deified for the sake of the weir.

Hasan Boğuldu is an excursion region where you can have a cookout, partake in the natural air, and discover a sense of harmony. The regular spring water from the Kaz Mountains emerges from here, yet it is cold to the point that it is beyond difficult to swim. Notwithstanding, you might run over somebody attempting to swim in waters with a temperature of around 5-6 degrees.

You can have an excursion with your feet in the water at the tables set on the stream, and have a grill where permitted. With a 30-minute walk, you can go up the slope and taste that wonderful water from its source.


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