Let There Be No Place We Didn’t Visit: Eskişehir Travel Guide

We as a whole are going on a decent visit together. Eskişehir travel guide is with you so there is no spot we don’t visit! This article, wherein we will discuss the spots to visit in Eskişehir and the food to be eaten, will be the greatest partner of the people who needs to go to Eskişehir.

Its name is ES… Although it is known as an understudy city, the construction of the city and its regular delights captivate individuals. Presently how about we investigate Eskişehir.


Transportation to Eskişehir

It is additionally conceivable to arrive at Eskişehir via plane, which has a rail and street association. Eskişehir, which can be reached by transport consistently, is very evolved as far as land transportation. To come in your vehicle, it is feasible to arrive at the island in 3-4 hours by following the Adapazarı parkway for those approaching from Istanbul. For those approaching from Ankara, it is to the point of closely falling in line with Eskişehir.


Spots to Visit in Eskisehir


Odunpazarı, probably the most seasoned settlement in Eskişehir, draws in the consideration of nearby and unfamiliar sightseers, particularly with its homes. Eskişehir will be one of your remarkable outings with convenience open doors appropriate for each spending plan in the district and where you can taste nearby dishes.


  1. Porsuk Stream

You can take a gondola visit on the Porsuk Stream, which is situated in the most focal and energetic area of Eskişehir. You will encounter the satisfaction of tasting this delightful experience while partaking in the view.


  1. Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Sculptures Museum

Situated in the western area of the city, Sazova Park stands out with its logical components. There are Fairy Tale Castle, Pirate Ship, Artificial Pond, Eti Underwater World, Science and Experiment Center, Sabancı Space House, different bistros, and eateries inside the recreation area. We should not fail to remember that entry to the recreation area is free.


What to eat in Eskişehir?

  1. Çibörek

An epic taste. Maybe the main thing that rings a bell when Eskişehir is referenced. The most renowned taste of Eskişehir, which you shouldn’t return without eating, is Çibörek. Çi börek, which is made by placing minced meat in the mixture, is sung in a lot of oil and cooked. The last thing to do is to be a piece of this banquet.


  1. Met Halva

Sweet as a treat that breaks up in the mouth in a moment: Met halva. A sort of halva made utilizing flour, sugar, oil, and lemon. Assuming you have been to Eskişehir, you don’t have to ponder what to purchase for your friends and family returning.


  1. Balaban Kebab

An ideal taste that will make your mouth water. Balaban kebab is only one of the nearby kinds of Eskişehir, which is made by putting meatballs cooked with exceptional strategies on nail pita bread absorbed stock. Kebab presented with extraordinary tomato glue sauce and neighborhood yogurt is ideal for the people who are searching for another taste.

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