Lavender Paradise from France to Isparta: Kuyucak Village

Provence and Sault, situated on the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, is known as the lavender heaven. These areas, which have a little populace, are overwhelmed with travelers, particularly in July, which is otherwise called the lavender season. Every individual who goes across the street stops before the enormous lavender fields and takes pictures. You can as of now smell the lavender when you approach this region. You should visit these spots that enticement for the eyes with their regular magnificence and animate your faculties with their glorious aroma! Be that as it may, it isn’t generally imaginable to see these lavender fields very close, as there is no spot to go with regards to France. Thus, rather than searching for joy and normal magnificence far away, it would be useful to take a gander at the spots close by. For instance, what the number of us is familiar with Kuyucak Village, the lavender heaven of Isparta?

In Kuyucak Village, where there are 150 houses altogether, 3,5 seedlings were planted so the empty grounds wouldn’t be dry from the get-go, and they later transformed into enormous lavender fields. These lavender fields, which draw in vacationers from everywhere Turkey, charm their visitors with their aroma even before they enter the town.

The lavenders, which start to blossom in June, open their purple blossoms in July and transform an area of 3 thousand hectares into a visual gala. You should visit this little however charming town, which is stoned with the Lavender celebration held in July.

If your way doesn’t fall into the Provence or Sault locales of France, you can remain in Isparta from July. Here, you can eat joined by the one-of-a-kind wonders of the lavender fields, remain, and have a clear line of sight and tactile dining experience for yourself.


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