In memory of the Martyrs of Çanakkale…

We as a whole begin to pay attention to the Battle of Gallipoli since elementary school… It is continually informed the way that it was a significant defining moment for our country, how it was won under troublesome circumstances, what dauntlessness was capable, and how our destiny would change assuming the conflict was lost… notwithstanding the triumph, legends were additionally composed. We might want to impart to you a portion of these legends that are said to have been living in 1915 on the event of March eighteenth.


The Salvation of the Nusret Minelayer

During the most quarrelsome seasons of the conflict, the Nusret Mine Ship sails to take action that will maybe stop the conflict. The point is to overcome the British naval force by migrating the mines. While the areas of the mines are being transformed individually, the beacon safeguarding the Nusret Minelayer and noticing the British Ship glitches and its projectors go out. Albeit those on the Nusret Minelayer promptly switch out their lights all together not to uncover their area, this time the British boat begins to check the ocean with its projectors. Without further ado before the British catch the Nusret Minelayer, the beacon begins working again all alone and focuses its lights on the British boat. The Nusret Minelayer, which is between two lights, isn’t seen by the British and the mission is finished. Authority Nazmi Bey, who was on the boat during this occasion, notes in his journal that the occasion was a finished wonder before long.


English Soldiers Disappearing in the Clouds

As per the gossip, around 267 fighters from the new powers of the British armed force assaulted the Turkish officers. As the regiment crossed the evaporated bed of Azmak Stream and strolled towards Damakçı Slope, they had happened upon a little slope, when they had run over an abnormal pale cloud that had encircled the fighters. The warriors, who were undetectable among the cloud, didn’t show up even though the cloud was floored by the breeze. A while later, no news was gotten from these warriors, whose number is said to have numbered 267.


Turkish Soldier Wrapping the Wound of a French Soldier

In the wake of getting back to his country, a French General who battled on the Çanakkale front tells about an occasion he saw during the conflict… After the contention finished, the General, who was meandering around the field to take his injured, sees that the injury of a French trooper lying on the ground is being bound by a Turkish officer. While the Turkish officer was tearing his shirt to wrap the injuries of the French warrior, he stuffed grass into the blade wound that had been opened on his chest… The Frenchman was significantly more astounded when he saw this and asked the Turkish trooper for what valid reason he helped out to the fighter he had recently battled to kill. The Turkish officer says that after the French fighter was injured, he snapped a picture of an elderly person from his pocket and said something, even though he didn’t comprehend, he imagined that the lady in the photo was the mother of the French trooper and that he helped the warrior and his mom to rejoin. Since nobody is hanging tight for him behind…

On the 101st anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our brave people who put their lives on the line and made Çanakkale impassable and spent all their material and moral assets on this road without any hesitation. We owe them a lot…


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