Fairy Tale Camp in Bolu: Çubukköy Lake and Göynük

When we start the sentence that strikes a chord when Bolu is referenced, we appear to hear the continuation: Oxygen. Bolu is for sure a spot wealthy in oxygen, for sure! Consider the possibility that we say we know a spot in Bolu as though it emerged from a fantasy! Hang on close then, at that point, we turn our eyes to the town of Göynük in the western piece of Bolu, which is likewise over the Historical Silk Road. We welcome you to camp at Çubukköyü Lake, where glorious geology meets history and takes you back hundreds of years, and afterward to recorded minutes in Sünnet Lake and Göynük.

Goynuk; Located roughly 80 km southwest of Bolu, it is a metropolitan safeguarded region with more than 150 enlisted building common constructions. It is likewise one of the urban communities on the Historical Silk Road. What makes this place different is that its compositional surface has been protected totally. While strolling on the cobblestone roads, it offers you a pristine Ottoman city view of any place you look. Ak Şemseddin Tomb, which was worked by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for his educator Ak Şemseddin in 1464, Gazi Süleyman Paşa Mosque and Bath, worked in 1331-1335, and the Victory Tower, worked in 1923 to recognize the War of Independence, are among the most striking designs of this unassuming community.

The Victory Tower, worked in 1923 by the area legislative leader of the period, has turned into an image with its house print façade and its position sitting above the region.

How about we Come, Our Way is Path-style Turning

Indeed, dear path darlings. This is Çubuk Village Lake in Göynük District of Bolu, in the core of our Anatolia. One of the spots that can account for itself with a photo without clarifying anything. Its thick timberland, slope, pit, water, sun, and the most unmistakable factories take you to the fantasies you read in elementary school when you set foot here. However, dread not, witches at this point do not live in those plants. He never at any point lived. Why bother? These factories were worked for the shooting of a TV series, and when the series was dropped, they turned into an indistinguishable piece of the lake, adding excellence to the town.

The region around the lake is exceptionally helpful for setting up camp. Albeit scarcely any settled individuals live, it is protected enough for campers to rest serenely. (Both as far as creatures and people). Simply a suggestion for you; Do not miss your overalls and mats, since this is one of the spots where you will feel the cold of Bolu the hardest.


Momentarily Camping at Çubukköy Lake

Çubukköy Lake is one of the spots with a lot of stars.

Transportation: 14 km upper east of Göynük. The streets are in great condition. Bumming a ride is conceivable, albeit restricted.

Camping area: We propose two choices in such a manner.

  1. The region where the wharf is found is in the eastern piece of the lake.
  2. Inside or alongside the factories. (particularly in winter)

Environment: It is affected by a freezing environment. We suggest that you go with full hardware and thick garments.

Water-Food: There is no streaming wellspring, there is no market close by. You should give your food and water on the way.

Reward: Circumcision Lake

Circumcision Lake

Following a 5-minute drive from Göynük-Mudurnu Road, we experience another shock: Circumcision Lake. There are level regions by the water, appropriate for setting up camp. Simultaneously, there is a business on the lakeshore where the individuals who need to remain can remain.


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