Events Waiting for You during the Ankara Holiday

May April 23 and May 19, the occasion climate that carries with it appears to cause us to feel the delight of the mid-year months early. Particularly on these significant days, which are given to youngsters and youngsters, you can crown your festivals with the Ankara occasion. April May 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, and May 19, Youth and Sports Day, different festivals and showings are held in schools, sports fields, squares, and emblematic places consistently. The individuals who need to encounter the soul of this festival at the most significant level, make visits and school outings to the capital Ankara from everywhere in the country. Prepare for a full Ankara occasion with the unexpected occasions of April 23rd and the energetic festivals of May nineteenth!

Occasions that Took Place on April 23 and May 19 in Anitkabir

April 23, Anitkabir, which opens its entryways at specific times, is the main thing you can do. Anıtkabir is the timeless resting spot of the Great Leader Atatürk, the author of our Republic, in Çankaya, where he most needs to experience his recollections and the most significant work of the Republic of Turkey. Notwithstanding its significance, Anıtkabir, which stands out with its design highlights, invited 4.5 million homegrown and unfamiliar guests in 2016. You can take your youngsters on a visit through the Atatürk and the War of Independence Museum situated under the Hall of Honor where Atatürk’s sepulcher is found, and take them on a long excursion through history joined by works mirroring the establishing long stretches of the Republic of Turkey. What’s more, you can concentrate on Atatürk’s assets, notes, and library together.

On April 23, 2015, and 2016, unique stands were set up for youngsters guests to Anıtkabir. At these stands, the books ‘Atatürk and the Child’, ‘He is My Hero’ and ‘Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen’ were dispersed. Joined by the English painter Ned Pamphilon, they finished and painted the material containing the artistic creation made by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with impressions. Inflatables and cotton confections with Turkish Flag themes were circulated. On May 19, 2016, the initial function of the dark pencil painting presentation ‘Mehmetçik with Mehmetçik’s Eyes’ with different services and walks occurred.

The catacomb 1 February – 14 May a scope of dates consistently 09:00 – 16:30 between 15 May and 31 October, and a scope of dates consistently, from 09:00 to 17:00 you can visit. Extraordinary visiting hours for April 23 and May 19 can be changed and stretched out until 21:00 or 22:00. At last, toward the finish of the outing to Anitkabir, remember to leave a guest note or letter!


Youngsters’ Events that Took Place on April 23 and May 19 in Ankara

Aside from Anıtkabir, there are numerous exercises for youngsters that happen in different scenes in the city of Ankara. Costumed celebration on 23 April, on April 23 it opens its entryways for nothing for youngsters arranged in the fortification of the Museum of craftsmanship and paleontology at Ankara kids’ exercises that it performs, expressive dance exhibitions, drama scenes, kids’ ensembles, and kids’ shows, culinary studios and theaters pizza and Cookies in the hall. You can take part in the ‘Youngsters’ Book Festival’ coordinated by CerModern interestingly on April 23, 2017, for nothing. Notwithstanding book remains with kids’ books, different studios, writer interviews, dance exhibitions, and music exhibitions will be held at the celebration.

On May 19, 2015, the 75th commemoration was held, where families and kids were sitting tight for entertainment only filled minutes. ‘Sut Run’ was coordinated at Yıl Hippodrome under the administration of the Turkish Jockey Club, Ankara Hippodrome Directorate. During the exciting outside occasion, confections, and snacks, for example, popcorn and cotton sweets, which youngsters particularly like, were dispersed for nothing, and numerous exercises focused on kids, for example, riding horse ponies and playing in jungle gyms occurred. Simultaneously, ‘Youth Meeting’ gatherings were held outside, which occurred on Sıhhiye Square. On the off chance that you have not encountered the Ankara occasion before to commend this significant day, which is unavoidable for families and kids, without limit, we say don’t postpone it!


Spots to Visit and Gourmet Tastes in Ankara

Particularly Friday, May 19, is very dec news for working families since there are numerous choices among the spots to visit in Ankara and the new preferences you an insight. Joining it with the end of the week, you can expand your Ankara occasion for 3 days, visit the verifiable spots and cafés we suggest for you, and take an interest in spring-explicit occasions.

1) The most popular roads of Ankara are Tunali Hilmi, Jinnah, Sakarya and Bahceli. You can go out on the town to shop in the city, you can sit in the twittering bistro and tea gardens. We particularly suggest Kır’s genuine kokoreçin on Tunalı Hilmi Street.

2) You can investigate the eateries and nearby breakfast places in the neighborhoods around Ankara Castle, one of the images of Ankara.

3) Ankara Wonderland Park is perhaps the biggest park in Europe with an area of 1 million 300 thousand square meters. dec. It draws in numerous guests consistently with its plant life, bistros, and roomy grounds.

4) You can have an excursion with your youngsters around Lake Mogan.

5) You can attempt frozen yogurt produced using goat’s milk by going to Atatürk Forest Farm.

6) In the Nata Vega Aquarium you can investigate different marine animals.

7) You can watch the city with the Ankara Keçioren Cable Car and eat at the Cable Car Restaurant in the evening.

8) You can carry the enjoyment to the top at the entertainment mecca in Ankara Youth Park.

9) Tastes that we can suggest in Ankara, where you can encounter the Central Anatolian Cuisine; Violet kebab at the Çukuraga Table, liver skillet at the Çankaya Restaurant, which is number one among craftsman cafés, Özler Decker, neighborhood dishes of the Haji Raif Bey eatery, one of the works of art of Ankara, where you will feel at ease, hair cooking at the Tavacı Recep Usta…

April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day extraordinary shows incorporate shows of youthful gifts that will happen at the Mozarthaus House of Arts and Concerts. Moreover, you can make a move to watch the show of the craftsman you need in Ankara by perusing the April occasions at the IF Performance Hall, Jolly Joker, and Nefes Bar. Our ideas are the Hüsnü Arkan show at Ankara Nefes Bar on April 22, 2017, and the Yaşar show at Jolly Joker.

11) You can partake in a sprinkling breakfast at Zenger Pasha Mansion and the special music of the Innkeeper Meyhane in the evening. Don’t worry about where to stay in Ankara, Romos Travel by visiting the Ankara Central Hotels page, make a reservation at the hotel that suits you best immediately!


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