Edirne Travel Guide: Witnessing History

Don’t you want to make a trip to the exceptionally old capital with our Edirne travel guide? I’m beginning my article where you can track down replies to the inquiries of how to go to Edirne, what to eat, where to visit.

How to go to Edirne?

For the people who set off from Istanbul, it will be a truly charming 240-kilometer venture. Since a short 2.5-hour street is sitting tight for you, which has no bends and can serve your speed devotee. En route, you will pass the Çorlu, Lüleburgaz, Babaeski, and Havsa signs and show up in Edirne. Whenever you enter from Edirne East entry, Trakya University Balkan Campus will welcome you. It ought to be recalled that one of only a handful of exceptional clinical resources of our nation is situated in Trakya University. From the second you enter Edirne, you should focus on as far as possible en route to the market. Then, at that point, he told me not to get exhausted with a punishment shipped off his location. If you say you need to visit Edirne with a visit, you can likewise join our Edirne – Igneada visit.


Spots to Visit in Edirne

Selimiye Mosque and Complex

The show-stopper of Mimar Sinan, II. Selimiye Mosque, which was worked at Selim’s solicitation, is one of the most excellent inheritances from the Ottoman time. Selimiye Mosque and Complex, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, is a work that gives significant importance to Edirne. You will have a hard time believing your eyes when you feel that this superb work was made in the sixteenth century without innovation. You will be flabbergasted by the nature of marbles, tile examples, and calligraphy. You can shop at the arasta (marketplace) on the lower floor and purchase keepsakes for your friends and family.


Ruler Bayezid II Complex Health Museum

The main historical center keeps the Ottoman clinic alive today. It is incomprehensible not to be astonished and glad when you see the clinical procedures utilized during the 1400s. It additionally has an effect as a clinic has been considered from abroad and taken as a model. Today is perhaps the most visited historical center. After Selimiye Mosque, this exhibition hall has the most guests in Edirne. After the mending place, which was a panacea for a long time, it just centered around treating mental and dysfunctional behaviors. Notwithstanding the medication information, studies have been done to treat with the sound of water, music, and great scents. The meeting hours of this exhibition hall are somewhere in the range of 09:00 and 17:30. The exhibition hall’s extra charge is 5 TL.


Meriç River

The waterway, which has a bowl in 3 nations, begins in Bulgaria and finishes by filling the Aegean Sea at the boundaries of Greece and Turkey. You ought to never return without tasting your tea in the tea gardens situated by the waterway. Remember to take photographs that will get many preferences against the dusk on the scaffold!



Karaağaç is the location to have stayed away from when you need to take in Edirne and move away from the city topic. It is a peaceful town in the middle, which is reached by going through the Tunca and Meriç Rivers, separately. Partaking in the outside demeanor of Edirne City Forest is the charming piece of the outing. The way that the structure, which is currently the Faculty of Fine Arts of Trakya University, was the train station utilized until the 1970s and that a dark train is as yet in the district, demonstrates the veracity of history. Don’t you need to add this lovely dark train to your Instagram photographs? Come on then, at that point, now is the right time to take off.


What to Eat in Edirne?

Skillet Liver

It is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to go to Edirne and not return without eating dish liver. Among the numerous assortments of the liver, Edirne has made a flavor on its particular fresh smoke. Alongside this flavor, which is likewise recognized as leaf liver with its delicacy, the exceptional liberated hot pepper, hot pureed tomatoes, onion, and ayran structure a blowout of taste. Then, at that point, you can arrive at the taste that breaks the sense of taste with Hayrobolu sweet or cheddar halva. It will be a superbly flavorful gift you can take to your friends and family in Edirne, which is likewise well known for its marzipan. In Karaağaç breakfast shops, you can track down the amazing chance to eat nearby cakes, some as an open smorgasbord, some as a spread breakfast.


Where to Stay in Edirne?

After Eskişehir, Edirne has turned into a full understudy city. While visiting the location of protected and tranquil living, you will see numerous quarters and loft choices for understudies. Edirne has numerous elective lodgings to have its visitors. Here is what we have decided for you as Romos Travel:

RYS Hotel

Stool Houses Hotel

Kalevera Hotel


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