Don’t Leave a Place You Haven’t Visited in the Black Sea!

Hello, the Black Sea! The ocean, the green, the air, the water, individuals… Whatever we could say or expound on this ideal regular miracle would be a smidgen, yet we needed to discuss it however much we could.

While the four corners of our nation are embellished with mosaics of various societies, we don’t want to come by visit. From our stop today, we take a visit to the lesser-known corners of the Black Sea. His composing is from us, his perusing is from you. Blissful perusing.


Cide/Gideros Bay

Situated in the Cide area of Kastamonu, Sorguos Bay is only one of the unseen spots of the Black Sea. You will observe the harmony you are searching for in this cove taken cover behind rich nature; You will move away from the pressure of the city. You can remain in little benefits in the area and appreciate tasting new fish in fish cafés. You can swim in the ocean and fish in Gideros Bay, which is one of the spots that ought to be visited by the people who need a tranquil occasion. Harmony has arrived!

We suggest that you don’t return without the yellow engraving interesting to this spot!


2.Safranbolu/Crystal Terrace

What about an interesting perspective on the view at the Glass Terrace situated inside the lines of Safranbolu? The patio, which is 80 meters high, can convey 75 tons. This porch, where gatherings of 30 individuals are permitted to go out, offers the chance to watch Tokatlı (Incekaya) Canyon with an adrenaline rush. Assuming you have a feeling of dread toward statures, you might conquer your fear with the perspective on this spot!


Zil Castle/Rize

Situated in the Çamlıhemşin area of Rize, the Zil Castle sits on sporadic stones and ignores the Black Sea with its glorious appearance. This is one of the most delightful corners of the Eastern Black Sea Region, where the most lovely shades of green coincide. We can’t pass without saying that the palace, which is remembered to have been implicit the thirteenth century, has a perspective on Fırtına Creek.


Giresun Island

The island that is supposed to be home to the Amazons… The island of Giresun is a spot that has been the subject of numerous fanciful stories. Day-to-day campaigns are coordinated to this island, which is reputed to be occupied by the Amazons, and the chance to swim in its cool waters is given. Giresun Island, which is the main island of the Eastern Black Sea Region, is one of the spots you should visit and see.


Çal Cave/Trabzon

A little stream courses through the Çal Cave, which is viewed as the second-longest cavern on the planet. You can visit the whole Black Sea shoreline while giving admittance to the cavern situated inside the lines of the Düzköy locale of Trabzon. This regular magnificence, which excites esteem with its appearance, is adorned with faint lights. The cavern, which was acquired to the travel industry in 2000, is a contender to be the most intriguing of your touring spots.

Gather your bag now and appreciate finding the secret wonders of the Black Sea, losing all sense of direction in nature and blue! Keep in mind, Romos Trave is generally with you!


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