Did You Know There Is A Mausoleum On The Top Of The World?

Man’s relationship with nature is diminishing step by step. We become mixed up in the imitation of not delivering anything in supported substantial urban areas. In this article, we will take you to K2, the second-most elevated mountain on the planet, referred to mountain climbers as the pile of the mountains. The narrative of affection for nature, battle, and trouble…

Situated on the line of Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China, K2 mountain is the second-most elevated mountain on the planet after Everest. One out of each three individuals getting over K2, which is the hardest mountain on the planet as far as trouble, kicks the bucket. High mountains, steep inclines, and huge glacial masses… These ominous circumstances didn’t estrange the mountain dwellers from the mountain, in actuality, K2 turned into a mountain dweller’s fantasy. While the mountain offered its highest point to certain mountain dwellers, it didn’t to other people.

K2, which Nasuh Mahruki and Tunç Fındık figured out how to escape in Turkey, has numerous hardships in itself. To ascend the mountain, you require a 6-hour departure from Istanbul to Islamabad. This is the simplest piece of the excursion. You can arrive at Skardu with a 10-hour venture from Islamabad, and afterward to Askole town by rough terrain vehicles. This street, which is called Karakarum expressways, is a finished thruway. Toward the finish of this street, which comprises of streets and limited sections cleared by an overwhelming margin, a troublesome 10-day climb starts to the lower part of K2.

Neighborhood sherpas convey the provisions you want from Askole town to K2 headquarters. En route to the mountain, the Puja function, the conventional service of the sherpas, is held. Puja service is a function that the individuals who need to ascend the mountain do to get consent from the goddess who is remembered to live on the mountain. This function, wherein cedar leaves are singed and the hallowed rice is tossed into the mountain, is one of the main customs of K2.

Craftsmanship Gilkey, an American undertaking who got over K2 in 1953, kicked the bucket on the northwest edge of the mountain, and his mountain climber companions assembled a sepulcher around here. After that day, the climbers who got over K2 conveyed the materials of the mountain dwellers who lost their lives on the mountain. There is likewise a surrender to the catacomb. There is everything from plaques to the characters of the mountain dwellers in the catacomb above K2, where almost 80 mountain dwellers lost their lives.

As nature is delightful, it can likewise be perilous on the off chance that you don’t get the vital preparation. A large portion of the people who lost their lives in K2 kicked the bucket on the post-top return; It shows how hazardous lack of concern and changing atmospheric conditions can be. Mountains resemble high pinnacles except if you go. Like each excursion, mountaineering is a piece of one’s quest for oneself. See you in another story…


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