Countdown For Winter Holiday Has Started!

One of the most wonderful parts of residing in our lovely nation is that we can partake in the four seasons without limit… There are so many spots where we can swim a great deal in summer, remain alone with nature in pre-winter, and witness the greening of nature in spring… This is likewise valid for the colder time of year season. The quantity of ski focuses where we can perk up the chilly climate with winter sports is certain. Since the commencement for snowfall has begun, on the off chance that you don’t have an arrangement for this colder time of year occasion, how about we look at the choices together… Also, we might want to advise you that there are limits up to 40% on winter lodgings on with the substantial early reserving a valuable open door, rush to choose. !


Green Park Resort Kartepe

It is quite possibly the most favored lodging since it is near Istanbul, interlaced with nature, and offers a visual gala in every one of the four seasons. You can undoubtedly go to Green Park Resort Kartepe, which is situated on a slope with a perspective on Sapanca and Maşukiye and is encircled by vegetation, on ends of the week, or you could come over for a day assuming you wish.

Dorukkaya Ski Mountain Resort

Dorukkaya Ski and Mountain Resort, which can be reached in a brief time frame and effectively from Istanbul and Ankara because of its area in Bolu, is situated in one of the ski resorts with the best ski tracks in our country. Inviting its visitors with a comprehension of limitless diversion in pine trees, this lodging is likewise Turkey’s first snowpark office, worked by Austrian architects.

Grand Yazici Uludag

Grand Yazıcı, situated in Uludağ, maybe the most well-known ski resort in our nation, is situated in the first Region. The lodging, which draws consideration with its exceptional SPA place as well as the offices it offers for winter sports; intrigues with its bright night diversions. We are certain that you will concur with what we have said when you swim in the pool inside while it is snowing outside.

Dedeman Palandoken Hotel

Situated against the sublime perspective on Erzurum and Palandöken Mountain, this Dedeman part offers a wide scope of winter occasions to its visitors. The ski slants of various trouble levels, found right close to the lodging, draw in the consideration of winter sports darlings, while the gym inside is ideal for the individuals who need to discover some harmony and revive.


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