City of Romance: Prague Travel Guide

How might you want to go out traveling with us to Prague, the pearl of the Czech Republic? You will invest energy to the fullest in this lovely city of Europe, which will entrance you with its set of experiences and will perk you up with its dishes.


Spots to Visit in Prague

Prague Castle

The palace, which is one of the old constructions of the city, was utilized as the managerial focus of many state executives in now is the right time. The congregation part of the palace, which was implicit the ninth century, was subsequently finished by adding different parts. It should not be obvious that it is likewise perhaps the biggest palace on the planet!


St. Vitus Cathedral

The palace, quite possibly the main image of Prague, facilitated the royal celebration functions of numerous lords and sovereigns. The development of the palace required numerous years and eventually, an eminent strict design arose.


Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the primary places that strike a chord when Prague is referenced. The historical backdrop of the recorded structure begins in the 1300s. It is one of the spots that you shouldn’t return without snapping a picture.


Old Town Square

Probably the most energetic region in Prague is Old Town Square. It additionally has numerous verifiable ancient rarities we referenced. Its chronicled surface and wonder are holding back to captivate you!


Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square, which has the historical backdrop of the Czech Republic, is likewise probably the most established settlement. It is one of the must-see spots to get the historical backdrop of the city.


What to Eat in Prague?


Try not to be shocked assuming that you smell cinnamon while visiting Prague. The city’s most renowned pastry, Tredelnik, comprises cinnamon-drenched batter joined with cream or frozen yogurt. Your greatest obligation: When you visit Prague, you shouldn’t return without tasting Tredelnik!



We’ve never seen honey go so well with a pastry previously. You ought to eat this pastry, which we can call pecan and honey cake (as we would see it, cake 🙂 ) on the spot and be a piece of this flavor feast.

A wide range of Potatoes

Since potatoes are the most developed vegetable in the Czech Republic, you can track down a wide range of them from bubbled to seared food to heat in the stove.


Hovezi Gulas

The dish called goulash, which is a sort of stew with the mixture, is one of the most consumed dishes in the country. It is an exceptionally decent choice for those searching for new preferences.



We can call Kendliky the bread of the Czech Republic. These little bread rolls, which are very delicate, are heated in a circle shape. You should simply eat it with joy!


Kafka’s Prague

Also, Franz Kafka, who has a significant spot throughout the entire existence of writing! Particularly with regards to Prague. You can imagine the roads of Prague, wherein he winds around circles through his works. Assuming you are writing and Franz Kafka sweetheart, you ought to go to Prague and see these spots where Kafka rejuvenated his works. While visiting the Franz Kafka exhibition hall in the city, you will feel like a saint in his deals with your excursion to the internal universe of the creator.


Where to Stay in Prague

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