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Blue banner inns are lodgings that have seashores that satisfy specific circumstances, particularly neatness. The most wonderful blue banner lodgings are on Romos

What is a blue banner? The blue banner is a global honor given to seashores, marinas, and yachts that meet specific standards. Measures depend on four classifications: the tidiness of the seawater for swimming at the seashores considered deserving of this honor, the significance given to ecological administration, the exercises coordinated to raise natural mindfulness, the ocean side design, and security hardware. There are 27 models altogether for seashores. Blue Flag seashores are checked routinely and the compensations of the seashores that don’t meet the models are removed. Assuming that the recently applied sea shores meet the standards, they are remembered for the rundown of blue banner seashores.


Side Blue Flag Hotels

Blue banner sea shores in Turkey are chiefly in the Aegean and Mediterranean districts. 7 sea shores in Izmir Çeşme, 5 sea shores in Dikili, 7 sea shores in Foça, 2 sea shores in Karaburun, 8 sea shores in Menderes, Özdere and Gümüldür, 4 sea shores in Seferi Hisar, 3 sea shores in Pamucak; 9 sea shores in Aydın Didim, 16 sea shores in Kuşadası, Muğla Bodrum and its towns, Fethiye and its towns, Marmaris and its towns and Datça, an aggregate of 84 seashores, in Antalya Aksu, Alanya, Kaş, Kemer, Konyaaltı, Manavgat, Muratpaşa, Serik and every one of its towns, with a sum of 197 seashores in the focal point of Antalya, and 6 seashores in Mersin have been granted the blue banner rundown. In the Marmara Region, one ocean side each in Cebeci, Kandıra, 3 seashores in Istanbul Şile, Şarköy Beach in Tekirdağ, 6 seashores in Çanakkale, 4 of which are in Behramkale, and 6 seashores in Ayvalık on the boundaries of Balıkesir (situated on the Aegean coast). oceanside, 4 seashores in Burhaniye, 6 seashores in Edremit, and 3 seashores in Gömeç are on the blue banner rundown. An oceanside in Akçakoca in the Black Sea Region has a blue banner. Turkey is a blue banner record holder country. It positions third after Spain and Greece.

On, you can observe blue banner seashores at the best quality inns in the most delightful retreats in the Aegean and Mediterranean. Side blue banner Hotel, Alanya blue banner Hotel, Bodrum blue banner Hotel, Kemer blue banner Hotel, Belek blue banner Hotel, Lara blue banner Hotel, Marmaris blue banner Hotel, Kusadasi blue banner inns rivaling one another. Assos (Behramkale), Çeşme, Didim, Özdere, Fethiye, Ayvalık, Sarıgerme and Kaş blue banner inns are likewise the lodgings you can find in the rundown.

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