Ayvalık, which is close and keeps up with its appeal for occasions the majority of the year, is likewise famous in fall. Ideal for the people who love a tranquil occasion and long seashores in the Aegean environment. Romos Travel Ayvalık lodgings are with you with exceptional limits.


Ayvalik Hotels

Ayvalık is situated in the Marmara Region. Balıkesir is a traveler town like Edremit and has a coast to the Aegean Sea. In this manner, the impacts of the environment of the Aegean are seen more than in the Marmara. Transportation to Ayvalık can be given via plane exchange from Koca Seyit Airport in Edremit, by direct transport administrations, or by your private vehicle. The beginning of the name Ayvalık comes from “Cydonia” meaning a wild quince animal group. It is assessed that the primary settlement was the consequence of migration from the urban communities of Mytilene or Crete with comparable names. Ayvalık, which has facilitated numerous developments including Misya, Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Roman, and Ottoman since antiquated times, actually invites various holidaymakers in various seasons.


Spots to visit in Ayvalık

Among the spots to visit in Ayvalık, the most renowned is Sarimsakli Beach with its long sandy ocean side. Travelers who respect the perfect Aegean Sea can likewise incline toward Badavut Beach, which is near the middle but calmer. Demon’s Table is an Ayvalık area with an eminent view, accepted to have Satan’s impressions on it. It was shaped from the magma of a wiped-out spring of gushing lava. Ayvalık and its environmental factors are additionally popular for their islands. Cunda Island, otherwise called Alibey Island, is near Ayvalık and is an exceptionally well-known place. It is inconceivable not to be dazzled by the sensitive and quiet appearance of Cunda Island. Ayvalık and Cunda Island are famous for their olive trees, olives, olive oils, and other olive items. Remember to give them a shot site and bring them back home.


Cunda Island

Numerous choices look for you at Romos Travel Ayvalik lodgings. There are numerous lodgings, particularly around Sarimsakli Beach and Devil’s Table. Ayvalık is exceptionally wealthy as far as store inns. Notwithstanding, visitors who wish can likewise lean toward 5-star Ayvalık lodgings. Transportation is simple in Ayvalık and Sarimsakli Beach is a public ocean side. Ayvalık is a reasonable spot, however, comprehensive Ayvalik inns promise you to enjoy your vacation with true serenity by staying away from the additional food and drink costs. Numerous Ayvalık inns, for example, Olivera Resort Hotel, Grand Temizel Hotel, Haliç Park Hotel, Ayvalık Beach Hotel are hanging tight for you on RomosTravel.com.

There are additionally Edremit inns among the close-by area inns on Romos Travel. You can partake in a vacation at these two entryways of Balıkesir that are open to the Aegean. The equation for reserving a spot is basic: You can hold your seats by utilizing our web-based reservation framework or by calling our Customer Service at 44 68 35. Try not to botch the chance to have an ideal get-away in almost no time!


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