Agva Travel Guide

Agva is the best answer for short head occasions and the absence of regular habitat… Agva, which is brightened distinctively every season, is presently more welcoming with its inclination designed with sprouting trees and its ocean sparkling splendidly under the spring sun… Presently what about investigating this normal magnificence?

How to Get to Agva?

Agva is situated on the Black Sea coast, around 100 km from Istanbul. It is very simple to get to Agva, which comes to dec existence with the Göksu and Yeşilçay streams, among which it is found. If you woke up on a bright Saturday morning and considered going to Ağva, you can set off automatically, obviously, this applies to what we have said in Istanbul … It is feasible to get from Üsküdar to Ağva inside 2-3 hours by transport. On the off chance that you will go by private vehicle; Following the waterfront street in the wake of showing up in Şile will permit you to arrive at Ağva. The people who will come from outside the city can apply to thickness transport organizations…


Spots to Visit in Agva

Agva, which makes the people who see it fall head over heels for itself with the regular delights it has, is exceptionally wealthy in spots to visit. Agva is a characteristic miracle from the start with its blue waters of the excellent Black Sea, the green enchantment of the woods that cover the whole region, the streams that give life to the locale, the flawless air that isn’t impacted by contamination, and the seashores where you can rest with delight in summer. Kilimli Bay and Kadırga Bay come out ahead of the pack in the rundown of must-see places in Agva that offer postcard pictures. Situated around 7 kilometers from the focal point of the locale, these inlets stand out with their quietness as well as their regular rocks. One of these stones even has a name; Bridal Rock… As you can envision, it got this name since it resembles a lady. In these coves, you can partake in the ocean, have an outing, and go climbing.

Kalemköy and Hacılı Village, which are among the most established settlements of Ağva, are likewise among the spots to be While gravestones and church ruins are having a place with the Roman time frame in Kalemkoy, Hacılı Village stands out with its Gurlek Cave. It got this name since the mouth is versatile and sounds like thundering emerge from the cavern. The bones found in this cavern are accepted to have been caught by Roman warriors inside at that point.

Discussing Agva it is incomprehensible not to tell about Sakligöl. Sakligol, the sparkling star of ongoing years, truly merits its name. Saklıgöl, a spot that switches off the Şile street and is reached after a difficult experience, is a characteristic lake tucked away among rich trees. Dec is a characteristic lake situated between the green trees of Saklıgöl, which is a spot that is reached after a difficult experience. There are regions around where you can sit, have an excursion, or appreciate breakfast.


Try not to Come Back Before You Do This!

Strolling around the ocean, along the riverbank, and in the woods without,

Without shooting the regular marvels of Agva,

Without cycling on streets with backwoods and ocean sees,

Without fishing and without eating fish,

Without doing an ocean bicycle meeting in Göksu,

Without visiting the towns of Agva,

Try not to pivot without partaking in the outside air, immaculate nature.


Agva Nightlife

Albeit the people who lean toward Ağva are more probable; the individuals who escape from the commotion, city turmoil, high and messy structures, the people who need to give up themselves to the recuperating force of nature, we should not go without referencing Ağva nightlife … Assuming you are arranging a long Ağva occasion and need to go through a night in diversion scenes, we should say that you can find clubs reasonable for your taste. Particularly in the late spring nights, Ağva has an extremely vivid and fun nightlife. You can assess the choices of Agva lodgings for convenience.


Shopping in Agva

To keep something that will help you to remember the tranquil minutes you encountered during your Agva occasion, or on the other hand to show your friends and family that you have not failed to remember them, you can purchase cotton woven dresses enriched with hand weaving, garments made of the renowned Sile fabric, and adornments. What’s more, you can move the sound everyday routine you have been experiencing during your short occasion to the city by going to the natural business sectors laid out in Ağva and purchasing regular vegetables and organic products filled in the towns.


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