A Weekend Escape: Eskisehir

As the weather conditions have begun to heat up and spring blossoms are sprouting, we as a whole want to head off to someplace and travel. Here, as our greatest friend in need, our ends of the week become possibly the most important factor and welcome us to Eskişehir.

Since Eskişehir is known as an understudy city, it is a created city with many spots to visit and see. Before searching for Eskişehir lodgings for convenience, we are certain that you request where to go and where to visit. So how about we see what you can do in Eskişehir…


Porsuk Stream Tour and Islands Region

You can take boat or gondola visits on the Porsuk Stream, the longest part of the Sakarya River, and begin investigating the city along these lines. What’s more, the areas where the stream passes are known as the islands district. You can investigate the lively and understudy-filled existence of this district.


Odunpazari Houses Tour

You can get lost among the old Ottoman houses in Odunpazarı. While strolling between these houses, you can take an excursion in history and move away from the bedlam and stress of city life. Also, it is feasible to visit many spots extraordinary to Odunpazarı like Meerschaum Museum, Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, Atlıhan Handicrafts Bazaar in Odunpazarı.


Sazova Park

The recreation area, which was opened in 2008, was initially planned as a science and culture focus and has become one of the images of Eskişehir today.

Sazova Park, which comprises areas like Fairy Tale Castle, Pirate Ship, Artificial Pond, Science Experiment Center, Underwater World, is among the most popular and biggest parks in Eskişehir and Turkey. The Fairy Tale Castle, one of the most popular of this park, will be the primary structure that gets your attention in the recreation area, as though out of fantasies, very much like its name. Fantasy Castle is otherwise called Eskişehir’s Disneyland.


Kent park

Kent park, which is among the popular parks of Eskişehir, has the component of being the first in our country with its fake ocean side. Swimming on the oceanfront of a city without a shore can be an alternate encounter. You can likewise have an outing in the recreation area and go on a bike visit around the lake.


Connoisseur Tastes of Eskişehir

Before swimming in Kentpark, you can eat by the lake and begin the day enthusiastically.

One of the flavors that you ought not to return without eating in Eskişehir is çibörek. During your Kentpark visit, you can take a çibörek and proceed with your visit without burning through any time.

One more renowned taste of Eskişehir is Balaban kebab. “Balaban”, which signifies “many” in Tatar, begins from the fixings in the kebab. It contains pita bread, meatballs, sauce, yogurt, spread, pepper, and tomato. Both flavor and calorie bomb… You can taste this heavenly kebab while going around the islands. You can likewise soften the calories you go for during your strolls in the city.

You can inundate yourself in the awesome preferences of Ciğerci Ahmet, which is a well-known spot in Odunpazarı for its liver.

You can likewise eat met halva, which is Eskişehir’s popular pastry, in the “Notable Helvacı” situated in Odunpazarı. Indeed, even the smell of heavenly day-to-day rich and pecan halva sparks your interest.

You can taste the well-known smooth pastries of Mazlumlar Muhallebicisi, situated in Haller Youth Center. Keşkul, Kazandibi, and rice pudding are among our top picks…

You can have an outing in Sazova Park and visit portions of the recreation area here.

You can sit on the grass around the Porsuk Stream and on the off chance that you are not an understudy, you can return to your understudy days.

You can drench yourself in the energetic existence of the Islands area and appreciate investing energy with college understudies in the bistros here.

At the point when you get ravenous during your Odunpazarı visit, you can promptly hurl yourself entirely into one of the eateries laid out inside the Ottoman Houses and taste the sublime flavors.

Assuming that you need, you can leave yourself totally to Romos Travel, you can do every one of them with Eskişehir visits.


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