A Unique Festival in Germany: Wacken Open Air

The town of Wacken with a populace of 2000, which has a place with the German province of Schleswig-Holstein on the boundary with Denmark, is striking for its peaceful and quiet life.

Yet, in August of each year, this calm town offers music darlings from many areas of the planet a celebration that they won’t forget in their lives. Outdoors One of the most renowned celebrations, Wacken Open Air, is held in this unassuming community around August consistently, while the greatest groups of metal music are deified in front of an audience once again.

August third to fifth this year, there are many motivations to participate in the Wacken Open Air 2017. There are many motivations to partake in the current year’s Wacken Open Air 2017 will be hung on Dec.


1-Meeting Thousands of Music Lovers

Consistently somewhere around 80 thousand individuals in this German town of Izbe witness the exhibitions of the top names of metal music. The dec of celebrations is that a large number of individuals who partake in the same things meet up… The environment and normal excitement that happens consistently is pregnant with extraordinary minutes.


2-The Possibility of Listening to Many Large Groups Live

Wacken Open Air was first held in 1990, and just German groups performed at the occasion. These days, many gatherings from everywhere the world end up in Wacken. Pretty much every driving metal band on the planet, from Iron Maiden to Anthrax, Motörhead to Megadeth, performs often at this celebration. What’s more, recently delivered groups likewise show up before the crowd to show themselves in Wacken.

Knight Errant, who performed for the Wacken Open Air in 2001, turned into the primary Turkish band to partake in the celebration, trailed by Pentagram later. The celebration, whose tickets are sold out consistently in an extremely brief time frame, guarantees its members an incredible time with music as well as with different contests and occasions.


3-The Opportunity to Meet the Stars

One of the subtleties that make Wacken Open Air not the same as different celebrations is the amazing chance to meet the stars of music. Fans have the chance to meet, get signatures and visit with craftsmen in unique regions made for after-shows. Visiting with a star like Ozzy Osbourne or Bruce Dickinson in the brief time frame you will spend in this humble community will be remembered for your memory as an extraordinary occasion memory.



Indeed, you didn’t hear wrong! Downpour is something that will demolish a celebration hung on a soil floor. The show lobby in Wacken, which gets grimy when it downpours in August, can, in any case, be the focal point of diversion. You can watch numerous crackpots, from individuals moving in the mud to bunches wrestling, or even be an accomplice face to face.


5-Pipeline Carrying Beer

Wacken Open Air, similar to any celebration, is an occasion where liquor utilization is bountiful. Nonetheless, the coordinators went looking for changed options after the members drank a normal of 400 thousand liters of lager consistently and the transportation by barrel didn’t address the issue. Subsequently, they laid an entire 7-kilometer pipeline to the celebration site for the Wacken Open Air 2017. On account of the pipeline, which is laid 80cm underneath the ground and costs 1 million euros, the crowd will accept their beverages through this line. The pipeline, which likewise has a positive in addition to the climate, additionally keeps barrels and trucks from contaminating the dirt with synthetic compounds.



Hamburg, one of the most delightful urban communities in Germany, is found 70 km from the town of Wacken and can be reached in 1 hour via vehicle. After the finish of the celebration, you can visit Hamburg, the “Venice of the North”, to assess your excess time.

In Hamburg, which is interlaced with nature, you can go on a kayak outing along the shores of Lake Alster, walk around the popular Reeperbahn road, or the River Elbe. Moreover, assuming you have settled on your return sometime in the not too distant future, Hamburger SV and St.You can likewise watch Bundesliga matches in the city, which has two well-known clubs like Pauli.

One of the greatest live concerts on the planet, Wacken Open Air moves you to have an unfamiliar occasion loaded with normal wonders, wearing exercises, authentic journeys as well as music.


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