6 Dive Routes You Won’t Want To Go Out

Is it true that you are searching for another occasion experience? We have an incredible idea for you! Although plunging is exceptionally advantageous in the oceans of our country, it is a water sport that isn’t extremely famous. How might you want to open the entryways of the mysterious universe of submerged on this occasion, as Jules Verne told in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”! We have arranged 6 jumping spots in our country that you won’t have any desire to go out after plunging once.

  1. Çeşme-Fener Island

Our first course to investigate under the ocean: Çeşme! The plunging point beginning from Ildırı town here reaches out to the area of Fener Island. After the flotsam and jetsam and reefs stretch out to a profundity of around 35 meters, you will begin to experience beautiful corals, bugs, and ammo. You won’t ever need to end this charming experience, which requires around 40-45 minutes!

  1. Kalkan-Sakarya Shipwreck

Kalkan town, which is associated with the Kaş area in the west of Antalya, is only one of our significant touristic focuses. To be keen on jumping, it is one of the primary spots you should visit. Known as the “Sakarya Wreck”, the boat is a submerged British freight transport with chronicled esteem. The region of the boat, known to have soaked in 1893, couldn’t be investigated because it was prohibited to jump. With the lifting of the boycott in the district, Kalkan has become one of the spots regularly visited by jumping devotees. How about we leave a mark on the world and water sports aficionados to Kalkan!

  1. Ayvalik

Our next course is in Ayvalık, which is called Turkey’s Red Sea for plunging. The way that the view is extremely clear in all seasons and exceptionally prolific as far as the harbor is one of the main justifications for why jumpers lean toward this spot. You should rest assured that you will have an exceptionally charming time in the area, which is depicted as coral heaven.

  1. Marmaris

Next is Marmaris, which has the most plunging spots! The district, which has 52 different plunging focuses, will be the most ideal choice you can decide to add energy to your vacation. Making a plunge Marmaris, which has a huge populace of creatures, will be the best thing you have encountered in your life!

  1. Bodrum

Bodrum is the primary spot that rings a bell when you say get-away! Ocean, sand, sun, marina, and nightlife! We acknowledge that these remain as a cherished memory to us, however, did you have any idea that there is a set of experiences concealed in the waters of Bodrum? As Homer said, “The Land of Eternal Blue” makes the best definition for the storm cellar. The area, where many jumping focuses exist together, is likewise the origination of submerged prehistoric studies. This verifiable experience, which goes on around thirty minutes, will feel like a little while. We should not fail to remember that the jumping season endures from April to October.

  1. Canakkale-Saros

With regards to the gathering point of jumpers, the primary spot that rings a bell is Saros Bay. Aside from its high populace, it has additionally turned into an incessant objective for jumping devotees who need to see submerged ships. For the individuals who need to swim with the dolphins, we suggest Ibrice Harbor in the area. We can guarantee you that you will be intrigued by this breathtaking ocean, where you can experience brilliant corals, ocean wipes, and many fish species.


To add great recollections to your vacation and get another leisure activity, jumping is the ideal decision for you! At the point when you choose where to jump, how about we take you to Romos Travel to pick an inn.


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