5 Places to Visit in Gaziantep

  1. Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Even though it was opened in 2011, it has turned into a worth that can do right by both our nation and Gaziantep, as it is a contender to be the most well-known mosaic works exhibition hall on the planet. There are many various works in the gallery other than the well-known Gypsy Girl mosaic. Our proposal; You should visit the historical center in a calm time and get a sound aide at the entry.

Zeugma Ancient City was established by Alexander the Great in 300 BC under the name of “Selevkia Euphrates”. Roman Commander Pompeius offered the city to Antiachos I in 64 BC as a trade-off for his assistance.

Being one of the 4 major urban communities of the Kingdom of Commagene, the city was associated with the Roman Empire starting in 31 BC and took the name “Zeugma”, and that signifies “span”, “door”.

Zeugma, which experienced incredible abundance and magnificence during the Roman time frame, was caught and annihilated by the Sassanid King Shapur I in 256 AD.


  1. Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle is one of the most excellent instances of enduring palaces in Turkey.

The palace was first worked as a lookout on the hill during the Roman time frame. It took its present structure during the rule of the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus, who was known as the “Planner of Castles”. Again in this period, the palace went through a significant fix, and during the maintenance, the palace was furnished with establishment structures comprising of angled and vaulted displays, towers associated with these exhibitions were assembled, and the dividers were stretched out up to the boundary of the slope. In this express, the palace has an unpredictable roundabout shape with a boundary of roughly 100 meters and a perimeter of 1200 meters. There are 12 pinnacles in the palace.

A legend about the name of Gaziantep Castle:

The name of Gaziantep Castle, whose genuine name is Kala-I Füsus (Ring Castle), depends on a legend. As per this legend, the palace was worked by a young lady who was the proprietor of the district. She sold her exceptionally valuable stone, her ring, to take care of the development expenses of the palace. Consequently, the palace was called Kala-I Füsus, meaning the Castle of the Ring.


  1. Emine Göğüş Culinary Museum

I might want to enlighten you a little concerning the gallery, which has the title of Turkey’s first culinary exhibition hall.

This exhibition hall is situated in the Gaziantep Şahinbey area and is exceptionally near the Castle and the middle. Its specialty is that it is the main culinary historical center to be opened in Turkey. It satisfies a vital undertaking to convey our food and culinary culture to what’s to come. While visiting the gallery, the aides allocated by the Municipality give you an extraordinary presentation inside. Once inside, I firmly suggest that you search for an aide before you start your visit. The aide was so true, so friendly that we could pay attention to it once again.

Göğüş Mansion, situated in the south of Gaziantep Castle, is situated inside the chronicled surface. The manor, which is known to have been working in 1905, is called Kethüdazade Göğüş Ibrahim Efendi Mansion.

It was given to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in 2005 by Ali Ihsan Göğüş, one of the significant figures of Gaziantep, who filled in as a clergyman and delegate for a considerable length of time, and who was the primary Minister of Tourism of Turkey, depending on the prerequisite that an exhibition hall named after his mom be constructed. In 2007, the remodel works were finished and the exhibition hall was opened to guests.

The historical center presents the conventional Gaziantep culinary culture. Kitchen materials are shown with their table setting, neighborhood utilization examples, and nearby names.

In this historical center, we comprehended the reason why we see copper wherever while visiting Gaziantep. The cauldrons, pots, plates, scoops, and spoons utilized in Gaziantep cooking are practically completely made of copper.


  1. Gaziantep Atatürk Memorial Museum

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who came to Gaziantep just before Ramadan Feast on January 26, 1933, was welcomed with extraordinary excitement by the courageous individuals of Gaziantep, who didn’t give up to the adversary after the finish of their battle against the French for quite some time and 9 days. Mustafa Kemal Pasha rested at the educator’s home by drinking his espresso. The merriments went on until morning. He analyzed the city and made ideas to the Mayor of the time, Hamdi Kutlar, and upheld the advancement of the city. Atatürk was given a privileged citizenship authentication by the choice of the City Council. Albeit initially brought into the world in Thessaloniki, Atatürk was enlisted in the Bey neighborhood of Gaziantep territory. For a long time, Atatürk’s appearance in Gaziantep was commended feeling bubbly with extraordinary delight. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, to show its reliability and commitment to the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, chose to fabricate a commendable Atatürk Memorial Museum in Gaziantep and carried a superb historical center to us.

The customary Antep House having a place with the Konukoğlu family, situated in the Bey neighborhood where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was enlisted, was given to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to be transformed into an exhibition hall. With the consummation of the Atatürk Memorial Museum project, redesign works were begun, and during the time spent changing the Traditional Antep House into the Atatürk Memorial Museum, most importantly, the first arrangement conspire exterior format, and the first Republic and Antep issues, which comprise the nature of the space, were taken care of in a wide reach.


  1. Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum

We said there are numerous historical centers in Gaziantep, we said the city of galleries. There is even a toy historical center. It is a superb gallery with the toys in its assortment, its authentic structure, and the road. So fun, so charming…

Indeed, Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum is situated in a chronicled working in the noteworthy Bey Mahallesi. Bey Mahallesi is one of the spots worth seeing in Gaziantep. 200 Gaziantep houses in this locality have been reestablished and utilized as homes, cafeterias, studios, and craftsmanship focus. The most wonderful thing is that a couple of them are opened as galleries. Atatürk Memorial House, Toy Museum, Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum, and Ali Ihsan Göğüş Museum are situated in a similar region.

While Bey Mahallesi is a particularly authentic and excellent area, we can say that the Toy Museum has expanded this excellence much more. Do you see the magnificence of the road where the gallery is found? One gets energized and cheered like a kid even before entering the structure. This minuscule road loaded with grinning and shooting guests, of all shapes and sizes…


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