5 Camping Points Close to Istanbul

The groups and agony of the city expansion in summer, and we feel like we can’t relax. From one perspective, we long for a pleasant occasion, then again, we lament that we have restricted time. We have recorded the setting up camp places near Istanbul, where you can leave your lethargy to the side and relax for a couple of days and connect with the vast wonders. Trust you can feel the green and blue to your bones…


Ucmakdere (Tekirdag)

Uçmakdere, which is associated with the Şarköy region of Tekirdağ, is an interesting spot where the ocean voyages affectionately intertwined with nature, where you can get up promptly in the first part of the day with the trilling of birds and unwind under the plane trees. Uçmakdere, which is just 184 km away from the unhappiness of Istanbul, is additionally basic for paragliding outside the ocean. There are two bouncing marks of 450 m and 650 m in the area. To encounter the sensation of flying over the mountains towards the ocean in the early hours of the morning, you are at the ideal location. There are no lavish lodgings in Uçmakdere. There are lodgings and little setting up camp regions. Setting up camp regions beginning from 25 TL each day are likewise accessible free of charge.


İğneada (Kırklareli)

Situated in the Demirköy region of Kırklareli, Iğneada is where you can rest from the grayness of the city to the green of the unending woods streets and disregard your chaotic times. There are 7 lakes in the Longoz backwoods, which have novel vegetation. You might need to find a spot at the tables put in the water in Sarpdere lake in the Longoz backwoods and have a beverage and returning, you might need to visit Dupnisa Cave, where there are 33 thousand unique bats in 16 species. The fundamental spots to visit in Igneada, which is 236 km from Istanbul, are as per the following; Begendik Village, Mert Lake, Sarpdere Lake, and Dupnisa Cave.


3.Cobankaya Plateau (Bursa)

Uludağ, which is a piece of Bursa, is known all around the world for its colder time of year the travel industry. As opposed to mainstream thinking, the locale looks like a heaven with little cascades moving through lavish trees in summer. In Çobankaya, at a height of 1700 meters above ocean level, you will want to enter the cool high country air and discover a real sense of harmony with the sound of water. The region, which is just 200 km away from Istanbul, has a campground for 150 tents, or at least, around 1,000 individuals. Free setting up camp can be set up just on Bakacak Hill in the area.


Yedigoller (Bolu)

Yedigöller, the pearl of Bolu, is the top choice of the people who need to have an end-of-the-week escape. You can observe everything about setting up camp in Yedigöller, where there are numerous wonderful plant species. In the district where there are more than 100 bird species, eating against the lake view among the stirring of trees and trilling of birds will be the greatest end-of-the-week escape. Strolling around the lake in the evening, perusing a book in the quietness of nature can free you from the weight a bit. Setting up camp spots in the locale are restricted to the district among Deringöl and Büyükgöl, and setting up camp expenses start from 15 TL. Quiet, nature, and a remarkable lake view… If that is the thing you’re searching for, you’re certainly at the ideal location.


Erikli (Yalova)

Erikli Plateau, which is associated with the Çınarcık region of Yalova, is a remarkable locale with profound cascades where you can smell the mountain air at a height of 600 m above ocean level. The level has as of late turned into the focal point of consideration of campers with its enormous setting up camp regions and thick timberlands. Because of the street made to the area, transportation is extremely simple. You can swim at the two cascades in Erikli Plateau, which is 200 km away from Istanbul. Returning, remember to visit Delmece Plateau, which is 30 minutes from the locale.


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