4 Boutique Hotels with a Story

Shop inns have an alternate vibe. It isn’t similar to 5 stars, “extremely comprehensive” lodgings. They contain warmth, harmony, and an alternate world inside themselves. The people who don’t go to such inns don’t know a lot, yet you won’t observe the flavor of some tea you drink in-store inns in 5-star lodgings. That is the reason sweethearts flee to these little, adorable inns in any event, for a couple of day’s excursions. Although they don’t offer you limitless utilization potential open doors from morning to evening, shop inns have 5 teas and custom-made treats. Also, their accounts are engraved on their dividers…

We have assembled the narratives of 4 store lodgings to rouse the individuals who would rather not miss the street, the people who would rather not face challenges for their days off for a couple of days, and accordingly departure to high-star inns with a lot of comprehensiveness each occasion.


Alaçatı Asmali Konak Hotel

Situated in Alaçatı’s Yenimecidiye District, Alaçatı Asmalı Konak Hotel opens the entryways of a 150-year history to its visitors. Remaining in this authentic structure, which has endured 150 years prior, offers an excursion through history, and you long for the daily routines that have been experienced inside these dividers for quite some time. Dozing, eating, and breathing the past in this genuinely notable stone structure that has made due for over a century is beyond value.


Chigdem Boutique Hotel

Chigdem Boutique Hotel, a result of the fantasies of the Baysal couple, who got back to Alaçatı by planning an agreeable and quiet inn following 30 years of yearning for Alaçatı, offers its visitors the honor of remaining in lodging with an exceptionally extraordinary plan. The inn is named after its proprietor. Crocus blossoms sprouting in each tone likewise mirror the soul of the lodging. Lodging staff, who outfit every one of their rooms in the Victorian style and welcome their visitors as though they are at home, offer their visitors a warm family climate.


Alacati Kayezta Hotel

Kayezta Hotel, “Everything has a story; It is a lodging that began with the rule of “our own has quite recently started to be stated” and remembers its visitors for this story. The name Kayezta is neither a legendary lodging nor an inn enlivened by inn goddesses. It is an extremely unique name comprising of the names of the family that claims the lodging. Attempting to make a spot loaded with adoration for the family, the inn acknowledges its visitors as a piece of this family.


Cesme Kervansaray Hotel

The structure, which was likewise worked as the Kanuni Caravanserai building, is renowned for being worked in 1528 by the request for Suleiman the Magnificent. Cesme – Kanuni Kervansaray Hotel, which opened its entryways under the shade of exceptionally old palms following a time of reclamation work, is inside strolling distance of Cesme Castle, Aya Haralambos Church, and Cesme Museum. The lodging additionally has the most renowned and lovely perspectives on Cesme. These; Cesme Castle, Chios Island, Marina, Cesme Forest, Cesme Bay, and Cesme are authentic houses.


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