3 Places to Find Peace in Autumn!

As summer closes, the outrageous hotness passes on its place to the delicate briskness of harvest time. On the off chance that you need to not perspire but not be cold while voyaging, September is the most reasonable month for you. We have composed 3 spots where you will discover a sense of harmony in the fall. Blissful perusing…


Çanakkale Assos

Situated in the Ayvacık area of Çanakkale, Assos is on the shore of the Edremit Gulf. With its unmistakable blue waters, antiquated city ruins, and extensive mood, it invites a great many travelers over time. You will feel the historical backdrop of the antiquated city, which traces back to the sixth century BC, and you will discover a sense of reconciliation in the eateries with harbor and narrows sees. The fundamental spots to visit are Assos Ancient City, Assos Port, Behramkale Village, Apollon Smintheus, Adatepe, and Yesilyurt.


Bartin Amasra

We turn our course to Amasra, the pearl of the Western Black Sea. Amasra, whose set of experiences goes back 3,000 years, is one of the intriguing areas of Bartın. The locale, where antiques from the Byzantine, Roman and Genoese periods are shown in historical centers, keeps up with its imperativeness until winter. The little towns of Amasra, which are likewise favored due to their vicinity to Ankara and Istanbul, will permit you to make some wonderful memories with their warm individuals. Primary spots to visit; Amasra Museum, Amasra Castle, Gürcüoluk Cave, Göldere Waterfall, Çakraz, Bozköy, Crying Tree, Attractive Bazaar, Genoa Castle, Rabbit Island, Kuşkayası Road Monument, Mast Rock, Kemerdere Bridge, Edhem Ağa Mansion, and Small Church.


Balikesir Cunda Island

Albeit the current name of Cunda Island, which is associated with Balikesir’s Ayvalık area, is Alibey Island, it is known as Cunda Island by individuals. The name of the locale comes from Lieutenant Colonel Ali Çetinkaya, the administrator of the primary unit that didn’t submit to the Sultan’s structure to give up and began an equipped battle during the War of Independence. Cunda, the main possessed island in the district, stands apart with its antiquated stone houses, temples, and cloisters. The principal spots to visit are Cunda Beach, Lovers Hill, Sevim and Necdet Kent Library, Taksiyarhis Church, Tamarhane Island, Taşkahve, Despot House, and Moonlight Monastery.

An occasion looks for you from the Ancient City of Assos to the Stone Houses of Cunda Island. We have recorded the spots you can visit in the fall before the season begins. Desire to seeing you in another article…


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