10 Reasons to Go to Datça

“The environment is completely human-sized. Neither hotness nor cold is past human perseverance. There is no compelling reason to fix the environment with a coat, an oven, or a fan.” Datça, which Halicarnassus Fisherman Cevat Şakir applauded with these words, is so excellent with its air as well as with everything, all around… Here are 10 substantial motivations to design a getaway to Datça…



Datça is a marvel that has not succumbed to the commotion, as in other famous the travel industry focuses in our nation, and has figured out how to save its quietness and peacefulness. It is troublesome, even incomprehensible, to observe ocean side gatherings that start promptly toward the beginning of the day and keep going until late on the seashores of Datça, which mother earth has liberally embellished with regular ponders and seashores. Datça is where you can partake in the remarkable climate during the day, while around evening time you can take a cloak and visit with your companions on the oceanfront.


Normal Point of Aegean and Mediterranean

Envision where one side welcomes the Aegean while different appearances the Mediterranean… What an extravagance, right? To profit from this variety of Datça, you can swim against the Aegean one day and the Mediterranean the following. Coincidentally, let us advise you that the cleanest inlets of Turkey are situated around Datça…


A lot of Oxygen Air

The most substantial justification for us to run to Datça is its air with an extremely high oxygen content… The Greek geographer Strabo said, “God sends his cherished worker to Datça to have a long life.” Datça air is a wellspring of recuperating, particularly for asthma patients.


Can Yucel

Can Yücel is an author related to Datça… This quiet town likewise affected Can Yücel and turned into a wellspring of motivation for his sonnets. The spot of the essayist, who spent his last a very long time here, is held for individuals of the region, and his memory is kept alive in the cobbled roads of Old Datça. During your visit to Datça, you can go to Meydan Kahvesi, have a toast to the last jug of wine Can Yücel drank, and get the opportunity to see his library, which is available to guests one time each week.



To see the neglected windmills that welcome individuals coming from the roadside 8 kilometers from Datça, you ought to go to Kızlan Village. As in numerous Aegean towns, you can go on an excursion loaded with disclosure in Kızlan Village, one of the ripest terrains of Datça, while you are marking glorious squares with these windmills that enhance Datça. Certainly, this town will amaze you!


Datca Cuisine

The most well-known kind of Datça is without a doubt almond. In the wake of tasting Datça almond, which is among the most incredible on the planet, you will need to eat everything with almonds, it is a particularly tasty taste! Furthermore, let us remind you to eat honey, which is one of the popular foods in the region. Also, one evening, you should sit in one of the eateries around the ocean and partake in the new fish at a table with tidbits arranged from neighborhood spices, joined by songs from Zeki Müren’s voice…

What’s more, Datça is additionally extremely wealthy as far as spots to visit!


Kargi Bay

While swimming in Kargı Bay, which uncovers its amazing blue in the entirety of its brilliance without forfeiting its quietness and effortlessness, it is incomprehensible not to feel the smell of grass brought by the breeze from the slopes…



In the antiquated city of Knidos, where Sostratos, the draftsman of the Alexandria Lighthouse, one of the seven miracles of the world, and Eudoxus, the creator of the sundial resided, you can follow the past and witness the imminent dusk that paints the Aegean red.



In Hayıtbükü, which has won the esteem of individuals for quite a long time and has gained notoriety for lavish nature coordinates with the ocean, you can sit on a lounger set up under the shade of a tree and partake in the time streaming sluggishly.


Old Datca District

The Old Datça District, decorated with stone houses and bougainvillea arranged on the two sides of limited cobbled roads, is somewhat more dynamic than different pieces of the locale. You can purchase charming presents for your friends and family from the little slows-down set up in the Old Datça Neighborhood, where you will feel like you are in one more aspect while strolling around with the fragrance of blossoms and the hints of birds.


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